Well, Hello! My name is Adriana and welcome to my blog, Just By Living. I am a mother, step mother, wife, and writer. I started this blog in hopes to tell the story of my son's very traumatic birth which you can read about HERE. You can read about my beautiful son Hendrix HERE, or hear about my sweet step son HERE, or learn more about my husband, Michael HERE 

My family and I live in a lovely loft in Rhode Island and both my husband and I work from home. I as a freelance writer and he as a DJ. 
I have an amazing brother named Mark, he is a musician, a great listener, a speed demon on his razor scooter, and he also happens to have Down Syndrome. You can read more about him HERE.
I am a lover of fashion and all things vintage. I own a vintage shop called Mode De Vie Vintage. Check it out HERE.

If you have a blog please comment and link me to it...I would love to be friends : )