Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mama Must Have #1

While I understand that as a breast feeder there isn’t much one can do about milk leakage. I also understand and have excepted that my wardrobe is going to have to be not only fashionable but that dreaded, dreaded word…duh duh duuuuuuuuuuuh…functional.
“Gasp! The horror!"
So I have embraced the idea of button downs and easy to pull down tank tops but I still can NOT wrap my head around the nursing bra. Sure it works okay, I guess, but c'mon...they are so U-G-L-Y. I have yet to find a pretty or even mediocre nursing bra that is and here is the kicker…actually comfortable. Is it that foreign a concept to mix the idea of something that is appealing to the eye but also highly functional? You would think some stay at home mama/entrepreneur would have said "alright already! enough is enough!" and start herself a line of sexy meets nursing appropriate lingerie.But sadly,no. Anyways, until one of you ladies gets off your ass and into the over the shoulder boulder holder business I think ive discovered a solution.
I have to start off by saying that I love Victoria's Secret but (and i'm sure i'm gonna receive a lotta flack for this) their Pink line is totally lame. I mean A. NO I don’t want a bunch of scotty dogs running around on my ass cheeks. Aint nothin sexy 'bout a scotty dog! And B. I’m not interested in being a walking billboard for any company. So, having their brand name on every inch of every piece of clothing they sell is gross. And C. who the hell would pay 50 bucks for a pair of sweat pants!!???? No one should wear sweatpants out of the house unless they are on their way to the gym, sick with swine flu, or 8+ months pregnant.With that said, no you do not need sweats with so much flare on them. I promise.

I headed over to VS to look for something that could hold my newly giant, milk filled knockers up while still retaining some likeness to the hot biddy my hubby fell in lust with. I search the "Sexy" collection but I don’t want to add any padding to these bad boys and everything in there is a push up. Then I head over to the "Angel" collection but eh, its feeling a lil too virginal for my liking. Besides if I wanted something in blush pink or a nude color I would have gone to the maternity store. Finally I hesitantly make my way to the pink section grimacing at bejeweled flip flops (it's fall people!) and squeezing myself by two chickys in Uggs (ew) and sweatpants(double ew).
and then...

OMG OMG there it was .

A neon pink, lacy, sexy, lil number that’s most importantly HOT but also will support my big ol' boobies and it'll pull down easily to make nursing a breeze.

(see above)

I swear it was like the lingerie gods had answered my prayers.I highly recommend the bra to all you nursing mamas out there. The Pink unlined tee shirt bra with lace sides is reasonably priced at 24 bucks and comes in basic colors and super fun ones as well.It's not available online but totally worth the trip into the store to pick one (or ten) up.

Ahhh now if I could just find a neon pink breast pump to match I’d be good to go.


  1. wow, can't agree with you more! I ended up buying/wearing sports bras that snapped in the front. Not only were they ugly, but they did not support D's. EWWW!

  2. I know that this post is from almost a year ago, but I am thoroughly enjoying creeping my way through your entire blog. I'm 25 weeks preggers with our first (baby boy Jude), and I almost peed myself reading this post. So thank you because it has been a suck-tastic day, and I needed the laugh! Oh, and I will definitely be heading to to find a hot little bra for my newly endowed twins.