Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekend Successes.

This weekend was a total success. We had a relaxing Friday night that involved ice cream, cuddles, and Family movie Night. Saturday was Dave and Busters and sneakers shopping for my Step-Son who has successfully lost about 20 pairs of shoes. There was a little drama over this has he has recently taken to the idea of slip ons and now refuses to wear anything with laces. C has always had a pair of Vans Spicolis’s in rotation so this isn’t a huge problem, however I feel like at 8 years of age one may be too old to completely banish laces from his closet. There isn’t a lot of options in his size for cool kicks without laces so I came up with a solution….

Not a bad call, eh? We would still prefer the actual laces and that he learn how to tie them but this at least satisfies us all until then. He picked these out himself…he’s got good style huh? He had a serious jonesin for a pair of checkered vans in a neon multicolor (he kept calling them Disco Shoes..errr what?) but they didn’t have them in his size. I was pushing for the plain black pair so it would go with everything (oh hello? Since when am I practical about shoes? Have you looked in my closet?) but the kid is all about the color combos.

Sunday we headed over to Rock N Romp…a totally success! C ran around like a banshee, bought about 600 balloon animals, and rocked out.

Balloon Butt!

Hendrix loved it as well. He was super smiley and happy. They had little shaker maracas that Hendrix enjoyed licking repeatedly.

Mosh Pitt Baby!

Both One Happy Island and The Shills were thoroughly enjoyable and kid appropriate and My hubby, Michael Savant, spun some tunes. I think we could all take a lesson from the children and their dance moves. The totally get down and my favorite? The running back and forth that takes place. Numerous kids just running from one side of the dance floor to the other, over and over.
Mouths hanging open, wind in their faces, pure glee. Adorable.

I was psyched to see some faces from Baby Center and my blog joining in on the fun!

Driving home from dinner on Sunday night C sat in the back seat gushing about what a great weekend he had and how he didn’t want it to end.

Music to a (step) parents ears!


  1. C's shoes where the envy of young and old alike! Hendrix was a joy-- never saw hi unhappy once during the day.

    Can't wait for the next one.


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! What a cute family you've got. And wow - those shoes are awesome! My girls would love something like that too I'm sure!

  3. OMG look at him!!! Those eyes! Did you send me show off show down pics...you better have!!!

  4. do you know when the next Rock N Romp in Boston is? We live in Portland, ME and we like to take day trips to Boston. My son Nolan, is nine days younger than Hendrix. I think Nolan (and my husband and I) would enjoy Rock n Romp. Does your husband spin Dubstep at these events? I spin Drum n Bass, and I also enjoy Dubstep as well.

  5. very skinny jeans on christian

  6. I know right?? He gets so many compliments on them and he picked them out himself. he likes them cause he says they look like daddy. haha. we bought him new pants a few weeks ago and he was mad because they were "too baggy' sooo funny.
    anyways who posted this you obviously know us cause you named my step-son (which i was trying to avoid doing on here)
    says the post was from the needham/newton area code...

    and Brenna-Ill get back to you on that
    and Sam- expect them later today!

  7. oh its his mom.

  8. Those kids have the best style! Where you shop for them? When you gonna do a mommy meet up? I wanna come.