Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day; Chapter 2


Michael and I have always been beach people.

I like falling asleep with sand in my bed.
In my hair.
In between my toes.

I love the taste of salt on my lips and the coconutty stickiness of left over sunscreen on my skin.
I like lounging in the sun and rolling in the waves.
Michael and I instantly bonded over our love for the Ocean.

and my beautiful, full of life, little piece of peach pie step son?

Well, he has always been a beach lover but...

He has always been a bit afraid of the water itself.

A sand castle builder and a seashell collector he was but a fear of going in over his head and getting water in his eyes plagued him.

This was quickly turned around after a few swim lessons and now?

There is no fear.


Now that boy is a fearless wave jumper.


Sea Harvester.


A free spirit.


A rock thrower.


and every year on Fathers Day we kick off our summer right with a trip to another secret spot we affectionately call Fathers Day Beach.

No matter the weather. The color of the sky. the temperature of the water. We always make the trek out to our favorite spot in the sand, hunker down for picnics, kite flying, and seashell collecting. 

Long before I became pregnant I always had dreams of bringing out little baby to Fathers Day Beach with us. Having that moments come true was surreal.

Chapter 3 to come...


  1. you're insane!

    you like sand in your bed? in your hair? in between your toes?!

    uh, pretty much pure torture. although, i do love the beach. i just love a good shower after the beach. especially if you have a light sun burn, and you get a nice hot shower. it's the most comfortable feeling just basking in your warm skin.

  2. How awesome! I love the pictures! So beautiful and the innocence of this child just radiates off him! :) I love kids!!!

  3. Awesome pics.

    How wonderful for him to have no more fear of the water.


  4. i love sand everywhere. im a freak. we have a family house on cape cod that i spent every summer at as a child and no matter how long we showered for there was always sand in evey nook and cranny, ground into the rugs, and in our beds. i just gre to love it.