Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fashionably Little: AllSaints SpitalFields

These kids are way cooler than me.

I have recently been obsessing over everything at AllSaints. They have great pieces for women, very girlie but with this awesome hard edge. I'm not gonna lie I am a sucker for a lacey white dress paired with motorcycle boots and AllSaints has nailed that look. Then they shrunk it down for the littles. Granted the price tag is still big (and I mean way outta my price range) but where else can you get mini motorcycle jackets and high quality knitwear with asymmetrical layers for your tiny counterparts? It's a bit of a stretch financially but I am hoping to sneak a couple pairs of their suede lace up boots under the Christmas tree this year for me the kids. We do live in New England after all so I'm thinking they will get enough wear out of them for the price to be worth it.


  1. I want to steal that little girl so bad and take her shopping. I have a feeling she'd pick out cooler clothes than me though.

  2. I'm drooling over these little outfits! The shoes/rugged boots our FREAKING ADORABLE!

  3. too bad these kids would rather be at chuckie cheese right now.