Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy 10 Month Mini Bday Hendrix


Yesterday was Hendrix's 10 month mini birthday!

Things are moving so fast it is CRAZY. Where has the time gone? I am busy at work creating the best 1st Birthday Celebration ever known to man mamakind. I have been crafting up a storm and Michael and I are working on a one year tribute video. Also, I have been trying to give his baby book a little love and attention as well as create a photo book for the first 12 months.

I am do you celebrate your Little's B-days? Any traditions??

More cutey cute cute pics after the jump....





  1. Your little Hendrix is such a cutie! He has such gorgeous blue eyes too! Happy 10 months so him =]
    Wish I could help and give ideas for an awesome 1st birthday but I don't have any yet, (I have 8 months til my little man turns 1)!

  2. Oh the captions that come to mind for that pic of him in the stroller looking to his right like, WTF?

    Yay 10 months!

  3. He makes me smile so big!

    My Little is only 18 months so she has only had the one big birthday bash. But it was simple...surrounded by close family members and we had red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing and strawberries. (since her b-day is close to V-day) I believe that her b-day's will always be hinted with a little V-day. :-) Good luck on planning and have fun! The first birthday is mostly about boohooing because your baby is no longer a baby!

  4. Hendrix's eyes are so incredible! I love his hoodie with the ears, too. Happy 10 months to the both of you!

    My guy is 19 months, so only one birthday bash so far, but it also coincided with us moving to a new house. A little overwhelming, so we won't be making that a tradition! We got amazing cupcakes for the last one, but next time I'd like to make the cake or cupcakes myself -- chocolate since he hasn't had that yet.

  5. Happy 10 months H.

    Anthony and I stuck to Amaya's room theme which is Princess. My mom, sister and I made 3 cakes one just for the Princess and the other 2 for her guests. I invited both of our whole family's and friends. Her birthday was huge we had about 100+ people there all together. It was such a blast. Im already planning her 2nd birthday which is so sad but yet so exciting. I already know the date just not where yet lol. I would either go with something close to the theme you guys have in his room (if any) or with his favorite show if he has one yet. Like I joke with Anthony that Amaya's 2nd birthday is going to be Thomas the Train cuz thats her all time favorite show. Good Luck. I had a blast planning Amaya's and setting it up.

  6. The only tradition we have is to do it up BIG and have a rockin' cake! We have like 60 plus people Moon bounce, tons of food, games, prizes, huge goody bags (which included fish this year. I looked for a monkey last year (monkey theme) and my goal for 3rd bday is to have a theme that I can have live animals at. LOL. I have so much fun planning everything.

  7. wow a lot of you did it up BIIIG. im impressed. i ove the idea of live animals.

  8. Jeannemarie MancusoSeptember 8, 2010 at 7:48 AM

    Hi my Darlings, What a wonderful reunion we had. Hendrix made it so very special and complete the young and the 84 year gap !<3

    Always, With Love,
    Auntie Jeanne