Thursday, October 14, 2010

Birthday Wishes and Caviar Dreams

Hendri'x 1st birthday is upon us. Next Monday on October 18th my son will turn one. I've been distracting myself with preparing for the birthday party and of course creating the ultimate birthday wish list in my head of all the fun goodies and threads I would shower my baby bean if I had the dough. What made the cut you ask?


The Eco Doll House by Plan Toys.
Which WAS on sale for 65 bucks but it sold out of course...not that I have that much lying around for a wooden house H would just drool on/beat up. *le sigh* A girl mom can dream, right?

Picnik collage

1. Wooden Space Set complete with two headed alien and soft rocket carrying case.
2. Bum Genius Artist Series. I'm dying from the cuteness!
3. Clementine Art Natural Finger Paints  'cause you know he is gonna eat at least a hand full
4.The TykeLight GloMate. Perfect for illuminating night nursing sessions.


The Smart Trike 3 in 1.
Henry would looooove this. Plus it would grow with him which is fantastic. Also, H hates the stroller so I'm thinking this would be a fun alternative. This is #1 on my birthday wishlist.


1.Creative Recreation Testa in Toddler Size 4.
2.Meet Me in the Tee Pee
3.Stuva Toy Box from Ikea
4.Friendly Toys Little Play Zone and Play Mat


1.Bill Murray Onesie by Truly Sanctuary
2.Sleeping Bunny Pillow by Green Thread
4.Yummy Yummy Gummy Bear Overalls by Overall Baby
4. Woolie Seahorse by Sweet Carolyns


  1. *sigh*...That first birthday is a doozy. But very fun.

    I LOOOOVE the Murray onesie and the sea horse, but then, I'm a Life Aquatic lover so those were a given.

    I want a tee pee! Awesome finds!

  2. Sooooo- I want EVERYTHING. lol. 1/2 of that was already on my list & basically you just added a shitload more to my baby wishlist. Have you seen Reckon? Hudson has Bob Dylan & Willie Nelson tees like that Bill Murray one. I just ordered Truman matching ones & Sawyer a Dolly Parton one since, her middle name IS Jolene

  3. I didn't get any presents for my daughter for her first birthday. I spent a lot on her party and outfit and figured that was her birthday present. At one she didn't have any concept of birthdays or presents anyway. But someone bought her a smart trike and that has been such a great gift. As you said it grows with them and she absolutely loves going for a ride in her bike.