Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Findings: 01/28/11 Edition

Such True Words

Good Morning! Hendrix slept horribly, I need another cup of coffee, and my house is covered in toys! So, same old, same old. I just got some fabulous news that my parents are paying...yes paying...for us to travel to Florida with them in a couple months. I could NOT be more excited. Not only can we not afford a vacation but we desperately need one. Whooo hoo.

Happy Friday Everyone!!

THIS is one of the best blog posts ever. What fabulous resolutions. 

I am on PINTEREST. Follow me and let me know if I should be following you!

I'm loving this FOREVER banner.

 Vivian Maier is a photographer whose rolls of film were found at an auction after her death. Her WORK is amazing. What a lovely discovery.

Gaultier for bebes? YES, please!

If I had a little GIRL, she would own a pair in every color.

Henry would look adorbs in THIS one piece romper.


  1. Aww I love that!!! It's all so true! I have a confession, I bought those little black baby boots that you posted from Etsy. My sister is having a baby and I am beyond excited and they were absolutely perfect! Thanks so much for posting them as well. I wish they would have been bigger so you could get them for Hendrix. I promise they will be put to good use though!

  2. I love that picture you posted? Where did you find it at? I'm on Pinterest and soooo addicted to it. I'm following you now. And actually just added that picture and credited you.