Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remember when....

I used to actually party? Yea, me neither but thanks Myspace for reminding me that at one point I drank sparks and got gross and sweaty at Paper.

 That's not my hat!?

 What? Who are those chicks? Where are their pants?

 Bethany wants to eat my face and. I love her for it.

 High school year book photo.

Oh HIIIIII Lauren!!!

A lot of my youth was wasted on uploading photos to Msypace.


  1. ahaha. don't you love looking back? Never went to Paper. Club Hell was my spot :)

  2. Your high school year book photo is pretty awesome for a high school yearbook photo :]

  3. Hahaha, I did a post on that a while back, it's so funny to go back and look at photos of what I was doing 4-5 years ago.