Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RE: The Print Above My Bed

I have gotten a lot of questions regarding the print that is above my bed from our Bedroom Tour. It is a picture  Michael took at Chicago O'Hara airport.O'Hara has a beautiful walkway with colorful lights that change. We sat there for a while during a lay over and took a bunch of shots. If you are interested in purchasing a print I'm pretty sure Michael would be down. You can shoot me an email at Justbyliving@gmail.com.

 I thought about just framing it but decided to do a photo to canvas. Ive never turned a picture into canvas before but I found Easy Canvas Prints and it was really easy to do. They give you options for width and borders and you can apply affects such as blank and white. They have a clean, simple website. I hate when sites are clogged with too much. I know I blog and all, but real talk, I am pretty dumb when it comes to the internet so if the website is at all complicated I get frustrated. That wasn't a problem with Easy Canvas Prints. The prices were very reasonable. If I bought a print as large as we made from a gallery it would have cost me a small fortune. Having a loft with huge walls is nice until you see the price tag on big pieces of art. its hard to fill up space. I mean, I can only do so many multi picture walls before it gets redundant. I thought doing the whole photo to canvas thing was pretty genius on my part. I'd love to do two more, one of Hendrix and one of Christian, but that's another project for another day.

For more on Easy Canvas Prints you can go to their facebook HERE or their site HERE.

Overall, I think it came out good and I hope I answered your Q's. : )


  1. As soon as i saw that picture I knew right where it was! Been through Ohare a Lot. :) What camera did he use?

  2. honestly, i dont remember. it was like 5 years ago and since then that camera has died : (