Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Obsessed: Mindful Meals.

Okay, this is brilliant Mindful Meals is a catering business that makes homemade baby food personalized for your little munchkin. This is great for you working (or just super busy) Mamas and Papas who want freshly prepared baby yummies without having to do it yourself. It's local, run by an amazing single Mama (I know, cause she's my bud) and REALLY reasonably priced. She customizes your menu with you and then creates the most delish meals for your little one. Youget to feel good an dbaby gets to eat good (and you are supporting a WAHM). It's a win/win for EVERYONE,no?

Toddler Food:
 Left:"Fried" green beans with agave-dijon dipping sauce Right: Foreground: Barley and baby portabellas Background: Petite roasted red and yellow potatoes with carrots

Baby Food:
LEFT:Fresh Green Peas Right: Edamame

You can "LIKE" Mindful Meals HERE and follow her blog HERE.

Just so you know....her daughter Aurora is pretty much the bees knees so try not to keel over from her cute, k?


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