Saturday, May 14, 2011

What I Wore: Brunch and Errands

I love this little dress. I bought it at one of my favorite vintage stores a super long time ago and wear it on the regular. Hendrix's grandparents bought him his sweatshirt and he is obsessed with it. Sometimes he gets weird attachments to clothing. He went through a phase where he wore his bathrobe every wear and right now he loves a little windbreaker with animals on it. These were taken during the camo sweatshirt obsession.

Dress is vintage bought at Circa
Jacket was purchased in like, 1999, no idea where from
Sandals also, no clue...forever 21 I think?
Bag was thrifted.
(it is not lost on me that I seem to have memory loss when it comes to shopping)


  1. Love the peachy color of that dress! Looks great on you. And I love Hendrix's facial expressions!

  2. that dress is gorgeous! you are gorgeous! hendrix is gorgeous! geesh! :)

  3. you both look great! it's so cute that he is obsessed with certain items already and yet he is still so little!

  4. That dress reminds me of a Barbie dress I adored when I was a girl. It's the perfect shade! Lovely.