Saturday, May 28, 2011

What I Wore

So, as you cans see, getting Hendrix to sit still while we snap photos for What I Wore posts is pretty much impossible. I think we just need to find a different spot to shoot because this one is sandwiched between giant stairs he wants to climb (but can't for fear, of ya know, neck breaking/impaling/death of all kinds if he falls down them) and the street which is filled with his new favorite love, cars.  The first pic is Henry making a run for the road (or as I like to call it immanent death) yelling "CAH, CAH, CAH".

Side Note: All the purple has rinsed out of my hair thanks to all the sun and surf while on vaca. I'm not in a rush to have it fixed...I kinda like the blond.

The pictures may not be the best, but you get the point, no?

On Mama:
Tank Forever 21
Pants Target
Boots Dolce Vita
Jacket H&M
Necklaces (that you cant even see) Flea Market finds

On Henry:
Monster Tee and White Long Sleeve H&M Kids
Jeans and Hi Tops Baby Gap


  1. you are so beautiful! love the outfit!

  2. i wanna be just like you!!! what a gorgeous pair if i ever saw one :)