Thursday, July 7, 2011

Obsessed: Tea Collection

Tea Collection is an insanely adorable clothing line for boys, girls, and babies.  Their look is adorable yet not over styled, which I love. For comfortable, clean get ups for Hendrix, I come here. Tea Collection makes things really easy for you and has created a number of 5 piece wardrobe sets. You pay one price and get five items that can all be mixed and matched. Why have I never thought of this myself? Brilliant! Talk about convenience!

Currently, Tea Collection is featuring a whole slew of product inspired by modern Mexico. The Aztec printed dresses for lil gals are stunning. I'm also a big fan of their boy's printed tees featuring fun critters and animals. Also, their baby clothes are beyond precious. They keep the prints and colors simple and I love that. There is nothing better than wrapping your little babe up in quality, cozy threads and Tea Collection never disappoints in that respect.

For more on Tea Collection you can head to their website at

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