Friday, July 22, 2011

What He Wore

Hendrix is wearing
Top and Harem Pants from Nico.Nico
Sandals Salt Water
Foam Yo Gabba Gabba Toys (we call them his foamie homies) available on Amazon

If you don't know already I am kinda obsessed with Nico.Nico. I always splurged on the more unique stuff for H and skimped on basics and now I am the total opposite thanks to Nico.Nico. Everything I have bought from them has been soooo comfy and soft. The tees are super light which is great for the summer.  I am totally in love with every piece.
I bought this yellow top HERE (its on sale for 12$!) and THIS white one as well from Monkey & The Bug. Plus, the crazy cute stripped romper I keep instagraming pictures of Henry in.

**I was NOT in anyway sponsored by Nico.Nico. This lil rave was totally on my own**

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  1. Oh my stars, he is so stinkin cute. I just found your blog but have been following you on instagram (cassandcruz) for a while now. I am super excited to find ya in the blog world!

  2. I am in LOVE with those harem pants. If only my niece would stay still long enough...she is a very free spirited, I wanna be naked kid...:)

    Great blog!