Saturday, July 9, 2011

What I (really) Wore Day 2

Day 2 of What I (really) Wore. I took these late last night since we didn't have much time during the day. Right before I washed up for the night and put on my PJ's I remembered I needed some pics so forgive me if I'm a bit tired looking. We had a super busy day. Hendrix and I went to a play group at the library. Everyone was really late so he had the toys to himself for the first 25 minutes. Then we went into Boston and stopped by Monkey & The Bug to hit up their massive sale. Finally, we picked up "Bro Bro" (my step son) from camp and then hung out with my in laws for a bit.
Once Henry was in bed we had some quality time with my SS and watched his new favorite show, Billy The Exterminator.
It was a good day.

I'm wearing...
Stripped tank from Julie's Closet
White tank (underneath) The Gap
Pants were a gift
Sneakers thrifted
Bracelets H&M/Vintage


  1. love the pants...also, amazing manicure!

  2. i LOVE your style!!!!!

  3. Those leggings are super cute and those are some good photos. I'm surprised you don't have more comments!