Sunday, July 17, 2011

What I (really) Wore

Day 5.
***just so you know these posts are a bit out of whack. I cant seem to get the outfits up on the actual day I wore them***
I didn't actually wear this. I wore a white tank, jean shorts, and black flip flops. I spent the day in Boston and by the time we got off the train I was sweaty and gross and couldn't wait to change. This is what I wore on a walk around the neighborhood and to watch some Mad Men.
Also, ignore Henry's dorky outfit. Sometimes I hate laundry and go on a laundry strike until I have to dip into the "emergency" ugly clothing for H. Judge me, go for it.

Tee C/O American Apparel
Shorts Forever 21
Flip Flop Old Navy

1 comment:

  1. good thing you two are some of those "cute-in-ANYTHING" people! ;) i totally have an ugly clothes stash for corbin too. all those nerdy carters clothes the grandma's buy him (as they walk right past baby gap where THEY KNOW i like to shop for him...but whatever.)