Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Lately Hendrix has been throwing some fits. He does this kinda of crazy thing where he will beg for something but then refuse to take it when you give it to him. If you try to put it down he will scream for it but then will push or kick it away if you try to give it to him. I'm not sure how to handle it. How do you handle temper tantrums? Thoughts? Suggestions? HELP MEEEEE

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  1. this??? exactly what i'm going through. wyatt will kick or throw whatever it is i try to give him. and then just throw himself all over the floor. i think these toddlers are freaking crazy. like for real. i actually just walk away and do something else. i don't want him to think that i'm going to tolerate that kind of behavior. at first i try to help him out, and then if he's a total brat i tell him that it's not the way to act and to just let me know what he wants. even point. and if he still acts ridiculous, i just leave him where he stands. probably not the mom of the year advice, but for me it's better that other alternatives. it's so hard! these kids are nuts!

  2. Can't say I'm an expert on the tantrums, but maybe what we do will work for you too.

    1. When Beatrice has a melt down and reasoning with her is not an option, I pick her up and hug her and tell her that I understand she's upset, but it's rude to make such a fuss and she is going to have to sit on her bed while she cries. When she is ready to stop crying, she can come out of her room. I leave the door part-way open. She's never gone more that 2 or three minutes tops.

    2. The tantrum is almost always because she wants something. We've been working on learning names for emotions and empathy lately. So if she is screaming for milk and I'm not getting it fast enough, I ask her "Oh, Bea-Bea is sad! Why are you so sad? Does the milk make you sad? You are crying, so you must be sad. How does milk make you feel? Happy?" etc. This also works in the store when she can't have something she wants and fusses. --Well, I'm not going to buy you those boots because they keep making you cry!

  3. olivia went through a point where she was testing her boundaries and throwing some fits. she's gotten better about it recently but when she starts it up i usually pick her up, carry her to her room, and put her on her bed. i tell her she can come out when she is ready to change her attitude and apologize. most of the time she will sit in there and continue her fit for a good 5 minutes or more, then she comes out and tells me sorry! she is almost 3 now so i feel like we're (hopefully) moving beyond all that little bit!

    it's hard being a mom sometimes...you always second guess and never know if you're doing it right! trust your instincts though...he will grow out of it eventually :)

  4. My approach to tantrums has always been to ignore. When my son starts throwing a fit over something I do one of two things I just simply ignore him & tell him to come & talk to me when he's calm or I put him timeout. I found ignoring works better though because sometimes the timeout makes him angrier & louder. But ignoring always works & within 45 seconds to a minute he's calmed himself down.

  5. agh my best friends 2 year old son has been doing the same thing lately. She is at her wits end. She did say that when she took him to Trader Joes the other day and he had a fit in front of everyone she ignored him for a few mins, when he saw he wasn't getting any reaction from her then he stopped.

    So grateful Judah is still semi young and won't go through this for another few months.