Thursday, September 8, 2011

How I Dress My Little Dude

Some of my Favorite fashion moments from Henry's What I Wore posts...

Ive been wanting to write this post for a while. I get a lot of comments about how I dress Hendrix and how cute his clothes are so I wanted to share some of my advice. As you all probably know most mainstream stores are seriously limited in the boys clothing department. Even places like Target are lacking in the boys area. I mean, don't get me wrong, I buy stuff from Target and they do have cute stuff however, the boys section is a fraction of the size of the girls. I am on a constant quest for fun, new pieces for Henry's closet. As time goes on I feel like I learn more and more about what I should be putting my money into and what H could really do without. Here's some of my advice...

INVESTMENT PIECES In many ways my fashion philosophies for Henry are the same for me. I splurge on some pieces, things I believe are investments and the rest is mostly vintage or thrifted. I used to think that the items I spent more dough on should be the more unique pieces but lately I have been leaning more towards basic and  classics that I know will be worn by my next child. I'm a huge fan of lines like Nico.Nico, Esp No.1, and American Apparel that offer pieces that are durable and unisex. Why would I spend money on something he will only wear here and there versus something that he will wear constantly? It just seems to make more sense that things like a cozy tee in a simple color would be better served if it were higher quality. That's why I love these brands. So yes, 30 dollars may seem a bit much for a plain tee but not if he wears it twice a week for the next 6 months (plus, someday his sibling can do the same).

Some cute outfits of Henry's VIA Instagram.
ONE. Vintage tee and Target Sunglasses. TWO. American Apparel sweater and harem pants. Nico.Nico tee. Converse hi tops. THREE. Thrifted stripes and plaids.

THRIFT Come on, all the cool kids are doing it! Thrifting rules. Its recycling, it's cheap, and its like treasure hunting. What's not to love? Some of my coolest stuff came from thrifting adventures.I love vintage and Hendrix has a pretty bad ass collection of vintage tees. If you have a little lady there is nothing cuter than vintage dresses. Check some of my favorites out HERE.

SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES Get on Etsy and start searching. I love mixing in pieces from smaller shops that I have found online.
Some of my fav small business are
Pinecone Threads
Jessalin B

SHOES You can never go wrong with a pair of Converse chucks or Vans slip ons. I thrift a lot of shoes ahead of time. If they are in good condition and you spot a pair of chucks/slip ons at a thrift store, grab them. Even if they are 8 sizes too big. They NEVER go out of style so someday they will wear them. Also, in neutral colors they are unisex as well. I scour thrift stores for snow boots and rain boots as well. I hate spending big money on seasonal items that only get worn a few times. Again, grab them in bigger sizes and hold onto them. I also recommend getting your  lil one a pair of Saltwater Sandals and Moccasins. You won't regret it. In my wildest sartorial dreams I would get Hendrix a pair of boots from Allsaints. 

SEASONAL ITEMS I wanted to touch upon this a bit more. I invest in a good winter coat for our kids and lot of gloves and hats. In New England the winters are harsh and it is a necessity. I love Gap Kids for outerwear. It's high quality and bit pricey but well worth it. For summer I have recently become OBSESSED with American Apparel swimwear. The boys bathing suits are so light weight and I don't know what magic they performed to make this happen but they dry almost instantly. As soon as the kids are out of the water the suit is dry. I hate seeing them have super wet suits sticking to their legs. ick! Peep the suits HERE

ONE. Oversized gap tee. Imps & Elves leggings. Thrifted rain boots. TWO. Nico.Nico jumper THREE. Thrifted tee and cutoffs.

OH YOU FANCY, HUH? Sometimes we all want a lil luxury and the same goes for little ones. They deserve it too. Plus, if you followed my advice from the two above than you've already saved a bunch of moola and can now afford to splurge. Every once in a while you should go to the fancy boutique and buy something just cause you love it. I love Monkey & The Bug. If you didn't already know this than you obviously don't know me. They carry great brands and I love going in there and getting something special for H. I buy a lot of gifts there too.
Some of my fav luxury brands for kiddos are
Kutie Protocol
Stella Mcartney for Kids

MIX N MATCH I hate things that are too matchy matchy. Mix it up. Kids can get away with it.

ACCESSORIZE I love to layer Henry's outfits with scarves, hats, and sunglasses.

ONE. Bobo Choses on the beach TWO. H&M tank and American Apparel diaper cover THREE. Vintage tee and American Apparel bathing suit

GENDER NEUTRAL I really don't believe in instilling in my children that if you are certain sex that you should play with certain toys or dress a certain way. Obviously my son wont be wearing a dress or anything but I don't go for overly 'boyish" outfits. My child wears every color of the rainbow. Every time I put that kid in anything that isn't covered in trucks or dinos people think hes a girl. Even if its blue!  (I am going to write more on this subject later in another post)

WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS dress 'em like a little old man. Nothin cuter than a baby in suspenders and a bow tie. Just sayin.

**I need to interject here that if you dont own a good stain remover you are cray cray! Get on it! Shout it out baybeee. Its works and it keeps your kids clothing looking fresh***

The following are my all time favorite brands/shops for kids.

American Apparel
Monkey & The Bug
H&M kids
Bobo Choses
Sienna Loves Kai
Kutie Protocol

Any advice you want to ad? I'd love to hear your kids fashion philosophy!


  1. I go to the Chilrens Orcahrd, a childrens thrift store in Milford for Amaya alot because somethings she is only going to wear a few times verse wearing others more often. Ive never thought of buying bigger though but its also hard for us to do that with Amaya becuse she's such a penut and cant really predict what size she will be. I love the way you dress Hendrix its so cute and very different. When Amaya was a baby and all dressed in pink and purple, cuz Im huge on those colors, people would ask me if she was a girl or boy and it would make me so angry because she's in all girl colors, pink carseat and a pony tail. Great post and very informational.

  2. Love this post. Love how you dress your little man. Love your shop...I just bought a few things :)

  3. I loved this post! Super helpful + informative, especially since I'm all about shopping for baby girl right now. : )
    I didn't know you had a shop! I love the two cherry dresses. Might have to pick those up, if someone else doesn't before I can! : )

    Hendrix is seriously one of the most fashionable little people I've seen.
    Love it! : )

  4. I can't get enough of his adorable face! He is too much. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  5. i loved everything about this post and will be spending way too much time and money on those sites!

  6. I love Hendrix's style! I'm totally with you on the lack of boys clothes and the mainstream stores. H&M is by far my favorite kids store. The prices are great and the quality is better than an Old Navy or Target. I watch the MiniSocial sales for the discounted stuff from offbeat, independent designers. Zara is for sure to be one of my go-to places now that they are shipping to the U.S.

    Someone actually asked me once why I was trying to dress my son like a model, that it doesn't matter what kids where. He prefers the harem pants and skinny jeans, I swear! He can move around in them better. And I HATE all that cheesy trucks and dinos stuff.

  7. LOVE your style!!!....and just saw your comment from my blog..HOLY GUACAMOLE..WE GOT CHIPS :)

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