Friday, February 24, 2012

This week.

The Ups

Yesterday we went to the zoo. The weather was unbelievable for Rhode Island in the winter and the boys had an amazing time. When we came home Hendrix told me his favorite animal there was the Giraffe or "kickaff" as he calls it.

Hendrix and I had a mommy & baby date last night while Michael and C did their own thing. We had a nice dinner complete with chocolate cake for dessert. When the cake arrived Hendrix said "Happy Birthday Mama" It was definitely not my birthday but I'll take it.

Getting to check out the new Mini Rodini that arrive at Monkey & The Bug and chit chatting with the Stels crew.

Putting Hendrix to bed tonight he gave me about a million kisses completely unprompted.

Scoring some amazing vintage linens while thrifting.

Having my groceries delivered. Damn, I love that.

Michael's new pasta recipe with this crazy cheese sauce and brussel sprouts. NOM.

Getting to see my Mom and little bro for a breakfast date the other day.

Kids in America came on while we were shopping and Hendrix was rocking out. He totally mimicked the sounds they were making and sang it at the top of his lungs. 

Fresh flowers on my dining room table.

Making myself tea and Hendrix little baby tea in his teeny tiny coffee cup. He refuses to call it tea and insists its "Hendrix Coffee" He felt so special having a drink like his mama.

Christian playing so nicely with his little brother and helping him build with legos.

Seeing Hendrix pick up one of his favorite books and reading it. He knew so much of it by heart!

The Downs

The cat took a giant crap smack dab in the middle of Henry's pillow. Crying and manic cleaning ensued. 

Found out our car insurance company has been charging us for two cars for the last 6 months. We have one car. Thankfully, they are fixing it and refunding us.

Our dishwasher had a leak and it took Michael a day or so to fix which meant a day or so of dishes piling up. Being that we work at home and eat every meal here, that's a lot of dishes to catch up on.

I pulled apart my entire closet and started a HUGE reorganizing project and after 3 full hours of busting my ass its not even close to being done.

The good absolutely outweighed the bad. Now I'm off to organize my google reader and watch some netflix. I'm in a documentary kind of mood. Enjoy your Friday evening!


  1. He looks a lot like you in that first photo. For real.

  2. I love this post :)
    Please share pasta recipe!

  3. It has been such a crazy winter... I keep saying that but I just can't get over so many warm days and no snow. Your week sounds womderful, especially flowers and that yummy pasta.

  4. that is one beautiful little boy :)

    when we remodeled our kitchen and had no dishwasher or sink(FOR A WEEK! AHH!),
    i was doing them in the bathtub. yeah, that was fun.

  5. He is just the sweetest thing! I adore little boys with long locks.

  6. I am heading to the zoo right now! Weather in NJ has been so nice.