Thursday, March 15, 2012

So I was tagged by a few people to play this fun game and i was supposed to tag people bag but I only took like, a month to get on this. FAIL. Anyways, here are my answers...

11 Random Things
1. I hate green beans. With a passion.
2. I used to straighten my hair every day and now I do NOTHING to it and get more compliments on it than ever.
3. I lived in San Francisco for a bit. I LOVE it there.
4. One of my biggest pet peeves is when girls take their shoes off in a club. If you cant hack it in the heels, leave 'em at home and rock some flats.
5. I'm only 4 feet 11 inches. Short as eff!
6. I HATE moving. Its one of my least favorite things in this world.
7. I have an unhealthy obsession with Lisa Frank.
8. I have three brothers and we are all really spread out and there is at least 6 years between us all (some 13 years).
9. I secretly love it when Hendrix clings to my leg.
10. I used to be reallllly organized and a crazy neat freak but in the last few years ive let it go and my house is messy and driving me CRAZY.
11. I only have a few tattoos right now but I hope to be covered. Face tatts included.

1. What is your favorite musician / band?
I really think its impossible to answer that with just one. Even with just ten. I listen to a lot of music.
2. What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
How naturally it came. Thats sounds kinda vain but really, I love how its just so natural and organic.  The one between my son and I is the easiest relationship I've ever had.
3. If you could have any job (besides being a Mom) in the world what would it be and why?
Vintage buyer. 
4. What are your main goals for 2012?
To give my career a good kick in the ass. Im doing great right now but there is always room for improvement. 
5. What would your child's name have been if he/she were born the opposite sex?
We never really decided but we liked Colette and Orien a lot.
6. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
coffee with lots of sugar and cream.
7. What are your top 3 favorite stores to shop (for yourself) at?
 Yard sales, estate sale, thrift shops.
8. What will be your next big purchase?
Hopefully a new mattress. The one we have sucks and I'm dying to upgrade.
9. Is your life how you pictured it being when you were a child?
When I was a kid I wanted to be a mom to a whole bunch of babies, live in a mansion by the sea, and be a ballet teacher. I'm not nearly as rich as I had hoped as child so thats a bit of a bummer, I am however surrounded by love, have a really fun job, and live in a beautiful loft. I'm definitely as happy as I imagined I would be.
10. Top 3 Favorite movies (or books)?
1. Girl Goddess #9 by Francesca Lia Block
2. Invisible Monsters By Chuck Palahniuk
3. The entire Babysitters Club Series (you know you love it)
Side note: Im currently reading Just Kids by Patti Smith and it is fantastic! 


2.Breakfast at Tiffanys (I dont even care how cliche that is)
3.drop dead fred
4.girls just wanna have fun
5. The Fountain
(I couldnt pick just 3)

11. Your 5 must-read blogs currently?
One. Two. Three. Four. Five.


  1. 1. You are amazing. 2. Thank YOU! 3. You did NOT say Babysitters Club! I have saved ALL of my books (I would buy them each when they came out) and they are all sitting in Julien's room right now. In a bin. I saved them in case I had a girl. Too funny!

  2. i used to loooooove francesca lia block books. lisa frank rocks!

  3. Ugh...please come to Tucson dangit!