Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beauty Secrets

I wanted to share my beauty secrets with you guys. I have a couple products that I grab from my local drugstore that have been staples of mine for years now. I still shop at Sephora, Aveda, and MAC for a lot of things and I tend to be a product snob but everything listed above is under 10 bucks and all five are things I CANT live without.

I also wanted to address my hair since lately I get a ton of compliments about it. First off, I have a great stylist. Her name is Chelsea and you can book an appointment with her HERE at LaLaLuxe Salon in Providence or follow her on IG at _chelseacupcake_ or hang with her on twitter HERE. Secondly, I have to point out that my whole life I have had frizzy, unruly, mega thick hair. I spent years trying to get it to be either curly or straight...neither of which it is naturally and finally giving in to my hair type and just letting it do its thing was incredibly liberating. I spend no time and barely any money on my hair. Years of paying so much for every kind of fancy shampoo and conditioner and spending hours straightening it seem like such a waste now!

1. and 2. These are it! My big beauty secret. Go HERE to check them out. I buy whichever one is on sale because honestly, I don't think there is a difference between the two. This is the only conditioner I use. I wash my hair about once a week with whatever shampoo is in the shower and then condition the heck out of it with this stuff. I CANT LIVE WITHOUT THIS. I have used every conditioner under the sun, spending BIG money on products that promised to get rid of my frizzzzzz and THIS is the only thing that has ever worked.

3. I have really dry, very sensitive skin. In high school I had to go to the dermatologist because my skin was so itchy I was scratching until I bled. Finally, after trying everything and seeing no results, my doc suggested baby oil! My life changed that day and I am not even kidding. After the shower, while I'm still wet, (get your head out of the gutter) I coat myself in it and let the baby oil sink in. It feels kinda gross but my skin is amazing.

**side note** My husband recently purchased a soap from whole foods that has minerals and some kind of scrubby stuff in it and it is rockin my socks off. He says it cost 5 bucks. I have no label or way to tell what it is but as soon as I know I will pass that info along

4. and 5. I read about both of these in Seventeen magazine when I was high school. Been using them ever since. Apricot scrub HERE and Acne Control Moisturizer HERE.

This is a bit more fun. I'm currently obsessing over these.
1. Kat Von D's lipstick in Homegirl.
2. Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Naughty Little Me, So Flushed Blushing Stick. I bought this years ago and recently hunted it down on amazon since they no longer have it in the store. ITS AMAZING. Buy it. NOW. HERE.
3. Thanks to someone on twitter (sorry, I forget who)  I bought They're Real mascara from Benefit and I am loving it. Highly recommend.
4. ESSIE nail polishes are my new thing. I cant stop buying them. My favorite colors are wicked, lilacism, turquoise & caicos, go overboard, tart deco, lapis of luxury, and coat azure.

I'm going to do more of these. I'll start working on one of my basic makeup bag essentials and kiddo products.

Any products you cant live without? Let me know...


  1. Ill have to try those conditioners. I love baby oil! I always put it in my baths too.

  2. funny... i go to Heidi @ La La Luxe - luv it there :)