Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bye Bye Bebe Burrito

(Happier times...Smoosh all wrapped up)

Well I guess we've hit our first milestone. Smoosh has decided he is all grown up and no longer needs to be swaddled. After fussing and struggling to free himself for about an hour we realized what was up and he graduated to one of those outfits that's half onesie, half blankie or a "baby bag" as my hubby calls them. I'm pretty bummed about this. I mean, this is just a sign of more to come. They really do grow so fast, I wish I could pause time.

Smoosh also decided he was finally ready to get a good nights sleep and slept a whopping five and half hours straight the other night. However, I woke up around the 4 hour mark thinking he was gonna get up any second and got everything ready to change him and feed and then watched him sleep for a half hour before finally dozing off again. AND then when he finally woke up and I realized what time it was I had such an adrenalin rush that I literally did a lil dance. I was so pumped that I couldn't go back to sleep after he fed. I laid awake thinking about how psyched I was that he would be sleeping longer stretches now. Of course it ended up being a fluke and hasn't happened since. So I wasted my one chance at sleeping a large amount at once. Fuck.

I'm pretty sure I should be happy about Smoosh's new found freedom. I'm not. I want my lil man to stay just that...LITTLE. Every second of every minute of his infancy is being yanked away from me.

Not Cool Smoosh. Not cool at all.

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  1. SO TRUE... before you know it he will be starting preschool. The infancy phase lasts like... a minute. ugh. I feel like I gave birth last week and Sebastian is bringing home HOMEWORK. Let's pause time together.