Monday, November 16, 2009

Mama Must Have #2

Holy crap doI love these! The Rockabye Baby collection is amazing lullaby versions of all your favorite bands. So far I've got my hands on The Beatles, The Cure, and The Rollingstones. I plan on adding The pixies and Metallica to Smoosh's Ipod as well. He legitimately seems to enjoy them and they don't make me wanna tear my hair out. While in the NICU we spent a lot of time using them as background noise to drown out all the bleeps and bings of the monitors. Plus, these make a great gift. There is something for everyone with about 20 different artists available like Bob Marley,No Doubt, and Nine Inch Nails.
My kid certainly seems to dig them which eliminates the need for the likes of Barney, Dan Zanes, and/or that total D-Bag Raffi.
Wow, I totally just saved you from hours upon hours of Sharon,Lois, and Bram skinamarink a dinki dinkin all over your life.
You're Welcome!


  1. good to know...i must get this..thanks mama

  2. Glad to help Jaylin. I;m sure lil Elly will love them.