Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Milestone Mania!

(Blue knit sweater (gift) by Little Wonders,
"I'm bringing chubby back" onesie from Baby Gap,
Pants from Target, and Booties(gift) from BunnyGarden.)

The last few weeks have been flying by and so has Hendrix's infancy. He is already rolling from his tummy to his back, smiling like crazy, and he has found his voice. We had an emergency visit to the doc's the other day to take care of a reflux issue (which has since been solved...thank youuuu zantac) and found out that Smoosh weights a whopping 11 lbs 3 1/2 oz!!!! Holy Crapola! What a fatty. I guess I should have noticed being that his thighs have practically tripled in size and he has some serious double(triple, quadruple??) chin action going on.

Smooshy has also decided to make a regular habit of 5-6 hour sleep session during the night. That is all I'm gonna say on that topic since it's going so well I don't want to jinx it.

We are going to start cloth diapering this week now that Smoosh has gotten big enough to fit into his diapers. I think i'm gonna ease us into this slowly since I'm not sure that my hubby is 100% on board...he does most of the changing since I do most of the feeding. I think the idea of having to play around with a poopy diaper and rinse it and what not has him (and I as well) a little freaked out.

I can NOT believe how quickly this is all moving. I look at my son and no longer see a brand new, teeny, tiny, infant but a chubby, rosey cheeked BABY. As cheesy as it is to say, I'm so grateful to be able to watch him grow. Being that there was a point in time where we weren't sure he would even make it, it's nice to see how far he has come already. You grow boy!


  1. ZANTAC! that was the miracle medicine we used! I couldn't remember the name... but man did it do wonders! glad he's feeling better <3

  2. thanks! it ahs def. made life easier. plus i cant stand to watch him cry in pain. all tho last ngiht while giving him his late night dose i spilt almost the whole bottle. uggggh.