Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mama Must Have # 3

Mama Must Have # 3 is great parenting blogs! Every mama needs a reference point to determine whether or not she is A. going crazy B. fucking up royally or C. losing her "cool" factor. The following list of my favs do just that.
My top three recommendations (in no particular order) are

1.Girls Gone Child
2. The Hipster Mom
3. Pacing the Panic Room

Girls gone Child is the daily musings of Rebecca Woolf, an LA mama and Author. The site is well written, Rebecca is witty and amusing, and her kids are adorable. Check out her drooling closet section for baby clothing inspiration and her unbelievably touching "Fable Films" which chronicle her daughters first year in life. (i'm currently ripping off her idea and doing the same for Smoosh...but more on that later.)

The Hipster Mom is Samantha Moeller, as in Missbehave magazine, as in if you didn't have a subscription during its unfortunately all too short run then I feel bad for you (I have them all, thankyouverymuch). But anyways, Samantha has a cutie cute lil boy and a girl on the way. She's crass, funny, and intelligent. She can make a post about baking cookies and in the comment section tell them Haterz where to go. Sort of a takes no prisoners Martha Stewart.

Pacing the Panic Room is a blog which offers the personal diatribes of a great father and photographer. His photo tribute to his wife and in utero daughter is so very, very romantic and sweet. I guarantee you'll end up reading all 40 weeks in one sitting like I did.

I also head over to Babble, BabyCenter, and Ohdeedoh on a regular basis but these sites are more broad ranged and less personal than the blogs. I like getting to know the actual families of the blogs I read and learning about their lives. It certainly makes this whole parenting thing less scary if you can relate to others out there.



  1. thanks for the heads up.love the mama musthaves

  2. Thanks for the shout out!! You are becoming one inspiring mommy blogger yourself. Loving it! XOXOXO