Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wish List

Hendrix will be owning this. A onesie will Bill Murray on it? Brilliant. Who doesn't love Bill Murray? I bet if given the chance Bill and Smooshy would totally hit it off.

Onesie is from TrulySanctuary. They have great Etsy shop will tons of fun baby stuff. I love the David Bowie and Conan O'Brien prints.

I still havent started xmas shopping. I was planning on getting everything off Etsy but it's too late now...looks like Smoosh will be getting boring, mall store stuff. Better luck next year kid. *insert guilty mom sigh here*

1 comment:

  1. hi there! i read your about me and got excited. thanks for following my blog! i used to be a fashion stylist in SF, going from marc jacobs to cloth diapers is a big switch for me haha! i am now also a young stay at home mom. i just bought olivia a onesie with morrissey on it from etsy. it's her christmas gift!