Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Weight Buh-BYE!

Do you know...I mean really like KNOW what this picture is of? SERIOUSLY...this is me in my pre-prego skinny, super duper skinny jeans that I thought I would never EVER wear again. I couldn't fit into this bad boys at 8 weeks pregnant but butt got so big. This picture was taken Saturday. HOLY CRAP.
My favorite part of this story? I have been eating like a mad women. I eat and eat and eat and lose and lose and lose. I thank breastfeeding just about every 1-2 hours all day for this. BREASTFEEDING is so bomb.
I'm sorry I'm not trying to brag but I am JUST SO excited.
On the down side, my tummy is super FLABtastic and its gonna take some serious work to get it back to what it was...well, it's never going to be that flat again but ya know, close to it. Plus I did get my fair share of stretch marks.
I also should mention that I eat fairly healthy to begin with. I gained about 55 lbs during my pregnancy. On my 4 foot 11 inch frame it looked like a lot more. I'm so shocked it all came off. I left the hospital about 17 lbs lighter and the weight stuck for a month or so then just flew off. My diet consists of a lot of the following;
burritos on whole wheat wraps,with tons of salsa and guacamole, brown rice and chicken.
Stir fry with fresh veggie and tofu
Tofu pad tai
Twix bars
Coffee favorite new recipe is black bean, corn, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce, and mozzarella cheese pizza on a whole wheat crust
I just started a weekly yoga class but this is more for my mind than my body since I don't think one hour a week is really going to make much a difference.

How did you all lose the baby weight?


  1. Thats awesome. I wish I lost all the weight but I still have 12 pounds to go and my daughter is gonna be 1 in next week. I just get too bored and lazy with the whole work out thing. I gained 65 pounds during my pregnancy and I left the hospital 35 pounds lighter and I had a c-section. Congrats to losing all your weight tho.

  2. damn girl you look good!

  3. I agree breastfeeding is the bomb! I lost all my weight from Ava eating all day on the bewb. All I need to do now is some ab work to tone my belly.

  4. i wanna see a picture of you pregnant!
    i too need to lose the little belly flab i have left over from livs birth 4 1/2 months ago...

  5. Wow, my Tre was born 4 weeks after your babe and I gained 54 pounds. I lost 30 in the first 2 weeks and have lost 4 since then! I breastfeed and pump 6-8oz a day for a friend so I should be losing but I'm not :( I go back to work on Monday and think being out of the house will help. I just might lose 5 pounds a week for the next 4 weeks and reach you... in my dreams. I am very happy for you though :)

  6. You will get your flat pre-preggo belly back, I promise. Just keep doing what you're doing.