Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to my lil (notsolittleanymore) Peachie Pie!

Today is my beloved step son's 8th birthday! I can NOT believe how old he is. I've known our lil dude since he was 2 years old and it is insane how quickly the last 6 years have flown by.

We had his birthday party at a local bowling place. His mom actually had her birthday there when she was a kid which I thought was super cute. This year and last are the only two years Michael and I haven't planned his bday since I met C. Two things about this, 1. way less stress and 2. waaaaaaaaaay less stress.
oh did I mention it was less stressful?
Big ups to his mom for making this year happen cause the kids had a blast, it was a simple and easy party, and inexpensive. A great combo.

For C's 6th bday we did a family dinner at a place called Finale which serves dessert for dinner and dinner for dessert...fabulous idea! We had his party at CocoKey, an indoor water park, which not only cost me what a pair of Louboutins would, but only a third of the guests showed up due to a snow storm. The year before that we had a super cute party at a local gymnastics/indoor playground type place. It was so booked up that we had a to take a morning party. I got creative and instead of serving cake at 9 am I got a giant thing of coffee for the parents and a bunch of custom made doughnuts with brightly colored frosting and stacked them in the shape of a cake. Brilliant!

Tell me all about your amazing parties please! I am always looking for ideas!

So since C's mama took over the planning, we did goodie bags and cake. Michael got some really cute stuff for the goodie bags including lil pokemon wristbands and Super Mario Brothers gummi candy.
We decided a Club Penguin theme for the cake since C is currently super into it. If any of you know about CP then you will recognize the puffles below! I'm trying to make it a tradition to make a homemade cake every year. The store bought is so impersonal. For Michael's 30th I made a three tier fondant sensation! I'm getting pretty good but my skills still need some fine tuning.

TADA!! What do ya think? Not bad, eh? I made three confetti cakes (straight from the box, kept it simple) and used a casserole aluminum dish to get the rounded shape. Then I frosted them with different colored whipped vanilla frosting and let them set in the fridge for a few hours.

Then i flavored ready made fondant I bought at Michael's with vanilla extract and colored it blue, red, and yellow.

Rolled it out and placed it gently on the cakes.

Then my hubby got to decorating. He cut out eyes and mouths out of fondant and used water to adhere them to the cakes. We used cotton candy as the hair.


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  1. Cool cakes! I always make my son's birthday cakes but I never put a whole lot of effort into it. Hopefully I can do something fun this year for his 3rd, but I'll also have my 3.5 month old keeping me busy so I'm hoping I'll have the time & energy.