Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The results are in!

I'm currently bloggin from a hospital room at Boston Children's. Smoosh has been here for a 24 hour EEG to test for seizures. I'm happy to report that he had none! Phew! I cried with relief. The whole experience has been pretty rough on Hendrix. It's a lot of new people poking at him and while the staff assured me that there would be no pain involved, he was very obviously uncomfortable.

The calm before the storm...

over looking the city from the 9th floor...

Applying the EEG leeds...not happy. He started out really pissed off...

and then he calmed down for a bit and just kinda went with it...

and then he got really sad. Poor lil beeb!

He looks so silly. The whole thing took about 45 mins.

and then they wrapped his head and
we just hung out and waited.
Michael got him to calm down
and he was in a surprisingly great mood.

The night went okay. He didnt sleep great (but does he ever?). Smoosh cried out a few times looking for me and I went over and gave him my finger to hold and he went right back out. I could hear other lil ones crying for other rooms which made it hard for me to sleep. We brought along his lil sound machine so that helped.

This morning the Docs came in and gave us a good report and told us we could bust out!

He wasn't happy about having the leeds off.
They used some really stinky solution
but thankfully they came right off.

He's not happy.

All done!


    I love you guys xoxoxoxo

  2. SO HAPPY that he is A-Ok. He is so stinking cute, and glad he trooped through. Love you Guys <3

    Diana Nunez

  3. How beautiful he is!! I am so happy you got good news. P.s. Olivia has those little monster onesies, too :)

  4. Mema cried when she saw these pics. Papa couldnt look at them! We are very thankful for the outcome,and the wonderful care he gets!

  5. I have pictures of Sebastian at the same place, with the same things on his poor little head!! GLAD EVERYTHING WENT WELL! I know how scary it can be. xoxo

  6. so glad everything turned out well! Poor little guy looks like he had a lot to be grumpy about but what a trooper! In a few of the pics his little face remined me so much of you when you were a baby!! I just love him already!

  7. thank you everyone for the support! i love you guys! Hendrix is so lucky to ahve so many rooting for him.

  8. Awww he is so CUTE!!! That hair...those eyes. Glad he came through with a clean bill of health.