Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Three month milestones

The last week has been insane on the milestone front. Hendrix is like a whole new baby. He has started to laugh and I mean really laugh. Big, infectious, rolling giggles. On Sunday I was able to finally be the one to make Smoosh crack up since he was reserving all snickers and chortles for his dad. Hendrix also has begun to hold rattles and bring them to his mouth and yesterday he rolled over a few times. But the biggest and best milestone in my opinion?? He is sleeping a loooong stretch through the night. About 8 hours and then he eats and sleeps for another hour or so. I haven't been this rested since I was about 4 months pregnant.

This week marked a few milestones for me as well. I feel like I have turned a corner as far as dealing with H's birth. I could finally sit down and write about my labor experience. While I only really skimmed the surface of my emotions I still managed to get a lot of it out. With that said I am starting to relax a bit about his breathing and health issues. I don't check on him as often when he is sleeping and I don't have as many nightmares.

I also feel more confident to venture out without my lil man. I have started to work outside the home for about 12 hours a week and Hendrix is staying home with Michael. I think it's nice for them to have some time to themselves since I have been stuck to H like glue. Poor Michael is lucky to get 20 minutes with him alone while I shower. I'm going to get my hair done tomorrow at Mizu and I am taking a yoga class on Friday. Finally starting to make my way back to my former groomed and pampered self. Much needed since my bangs have grown out to be so long I, well, no longer have bangs.

The last three months have been so full of ups and downs, I am relieved to see things settling down a bit. Who knew routine and stability could be such a hot commodity? I'm actually jealous of those with structure in their lives. I'm working towards a more relaxed lifestyle.


  1. Your lifestyle will ease back into relaxed:)

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  3. 3 months is amazing...the laughing alone makes my heart ache everyday, then there is the smiling, drooling, flirting....auuhhh, I love boys.

    Anyways, feel free to use any photos from etsy you like! I have tons more stuff to add, I have just been busy! Seriously, I am flattered to be on your wish list as most of your stuff is dang cute! We may have to work out a deal, so your smooshy can do his own hat modeling ;)