Tuesday, February 23, 2010

True Love

A dear friend of mine recently has gone through a personal rough patch. Well, I guess that is putting it lightly.

She tried to take her own life.

Thankfully she did not succeed.

She shared with me that her grandmother had mentioned how distraught her father had been after the incident. She was amazined by how broken up he was about it. She really seemed shocked at how saddened her father had been by her suicide attempt.

This got me thinking.

This poor child has no idea.


She doesn't know
that a heart went from beating inside a chest to perching on her shoulder so she cold have it at her disposal for all of time
the day she was born.
That heart inside her Daddy's chest went from thump, bump, beating inside of him and took a flying leap onto her.
He no longer owned his own heart.
It belonged to her from that first moment he laid eyes on his bebe girl.

That Heart..

It watched over her as she lay asleep in her bassinet.
It cuddled her during teething, and shots, and first days away.
It sat hiding behind her pigtails as she was dropped off at pre-school.
It went with her on field trips, and play dates, and first days of school.
It sat watching as she entered High School, it came along on her driver's test, it tickled her ear during football games.
That heart walked along with her as she
It was there when she pretended to be an adult.
When she wrote her first check.
When she sipped that glass of wine.
When she voted for a President.
It will be there when she makes major life decisions.
When she first smiles at the man she will marry.
When she turns the key on her own home.
It will whisper encouragements in her ear as she labors to bring her own child into this world.

It breaks when she breaks. It burns when she burns. It weeps when she weeps.

She doesn't know that where she goes her parent's hearts reside with her.

We never really do know just how loved we are until we have a child of our own.


  1. great writing as always. made me tear up. I hope your friend is ok

  2. "We never really do know just how loved we are until we have a child of our own."

    So very true. I've just started to come in to the full realization of this statement. Sure does make you appreciate your parents in a whole new way.

    I hope your friend is okay and seeks the right channels for emotional support.

  3. Keep posting. You write beautifully. Post more in step parenting too; its fun and refreshing to read from a stepmom who cares so much about her stepson! Some kids have it rough with steps who don't care.

  4. I have two friends that HAVE succeeded. And you have hit the nail right on the head. Beautiful post.