Friday, March 19, 2010

Confessions of A Lazy Mother

I have a confession to make. I am lazy. Well, at least when it comes to cloth diapering. I would say that currently Hendrix spends about half the time in cloth diapers and half in disposables. This is not a percentage I am happy with but oh well, its reality.

I use Bum Genious 3.0s. They are easy enough to stuff and wash but I only use them when we are home and during the day. If we are venturing out I am totally grossed out about having to carry around the dirty diaper in bag until we get home and can throw it in the wash. I am also nervous about leaving them on over night since he barely makes it through the night with the disposable and the thought of him waking just to be changed is not one I am too fond of.

Washing the cloth diapers take minimal effort. Even the nastiest of poop diapers are easily cleaned. I dump the diapers in the wash, put the detergent in, and turn it on. Done and done.

I feel so much better when Hendrix is all warm and cozy in his cloth diapers and damn, they sure are cute. Plus, the added bonus of helping out the environment makes me super happy and tingly inside.

I have been so diligent about everything else. I exclusively breastfed. Now, I exclusively feed Hendrix homemade baby food. But I have failed at exclusively cloth diapering.

So I am curious, Cloth Diapering Mamas and Papas out there...are your little ones exclusively in cloth? How do you keep up?


  1. Mine is 98% in cloth. I'll put her in a sposie maybe 1 or 2 times a week, usually overnight if she leaks out of a cloth diaper. I'm up a ton at night with her anyway (sadly). I also have a wetbag for putting dirty diapers in when we're out so I can take them home to wash. I haven't really found it to be that hard to cloth diaper while we're out of the house. I love Sunbabies, Thirsties AIO, BG AIO, Thirsties Fab Fitted with covers ... I'm still deciding how I feel about the BG 3.0's because she leaked out of them overnight twice. But I like them for daytime.

    Using cloth makes me happy, it's weird.

  2. My son, almost 9 months old, is exclusively in cloth. That is because I have refused so far to buy any disposables, so I don't have them there for back up when I'm running low. I have 3 kids and I started cloth diapering with my second child when she was about 9 months old. It was months before I went full-time cloth diapering with her, it was very convenient to have the mix and match. She was potty trained before she was two, so that I didn't have two little ones in cloth diapers, I thought that might be overwhelming.

    I use BG 3.0 and I use a wetbag in public and no one knows the difference that I have a dirty diaper with me. There are somedays I don't want to do the washing, drying and folding because I'm tired, so I have to plan ahead if I'm going to be lazy :) But I still manage to delay the washing by overnight or a day quite often.
    Also, as far as night time is concerned, I was really worried about that also, but I just use on full liner and one newborn insert and we don't have any leaking issues. (Unless he has nursed a lot through the night). I've heard a lot of parents use two full liners at nighttime with success.

    That turned into something longer than I intended to write... No matter what you are doing great!

    Great Blog you have here!


  3. we exclusively use cloth diapers (all fuzzi bunz); however, we did use disposables when we took a road trip. we made the decision to use cloth when henry was in utero for ole' mama earth, but as it turns out we probably would have had to switch to them anyway. hen has TERRIBLY sensitive skin. so, our motivation comes from keeping him rash free. obviously, that's a huge motivator.

    i use our wetbag when out in public, and i actually am usually PROUD to be changing a cloth diaper. i get lots of comments!

    but, idk i really think using cloth diapers at ALL is a huge help. you know? i wouldn't consider yourself lazy!

  4. my goal is to certainly be 100 percent cloth diapering. im working on it!

  5. I use BG 3.0s 100% of the time. The way I keep from using disposables is just not buying them. We only used them his first week until the meconium and umbilical cord were gone. Since then he's been in cloth. I'm the type of person that if it's in the house, I'll use it so I just keep them out of the house. Up until he was 2 months I had to change him once or twice in the night but since then I don't. Like others said, just put an extra insert. It's be a nice fat diaper but oh well, he won't know a difference. Like others said, I use a wet bag when I'm out and I do like other's to see that it's okay and possible to cloth diaper outside of the home. Good luck, you can do it!

  6. Thanks for the sweet comment about my daughter. I didn't cloth diaper & really regret it. I wish so badly I would of tried it atleast but I certainly will with our next little one.

  7. I have switched from the BG 3.0's to the BG flips and love them. I have two in cloth (a 5 month old and a 2 year old). Both are in cloth almost exclusively. I don't even have any sposies in my 5 month old's size. Never have any leak issues with the flips, I use one organic insert and one stay dry insert and it's bullet proof. Even holds my 2 year olds pee at night (and she's a super soaker). It takes up less room in the diaper bag and I too use a wetbag, keeps all odors out.

    Occasionally I will put my 2 year old in sposies, but that's just because I'm feeling lazy, lol.

  8. I would not consider yourself lazy, you are trying which is better than not. My little one is exclusively cloth diapered. I think if we went on a super long vacation we would probably use the hybrid type disposables... At night I use the BG's and we use 2 newborn inserts and another insert (like from the gro baby's...). We have not had any issues yet, but if we do I will just add more or another type. I love the planet wise wetbags (I use the larger ones in her room and the smaller ones in the diaper bag. Check out my blog for my cloth diapering series and posts. I am a new follower so glad to meet another CDing Mommy!! Glad I found your blog!