Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bikini Buh Bye!

Happier days...Honeymoonin in my LBB.

Sooo remember when I said I lost all the baby weight? Will, I did. However, My stomach is not up to par. I thought if I lost the weight that my body would go back to the way it was.

I can hear you laughing.

I used to run around in the littlest, teeniest bikinis and not think a thing of it. I am NOT one of those girls who is skinny and thinks she is fat. That is the most annoying thing on this excuse my vanity when I say that I had a cute lil bikini body.


I did not get any stretch marks until the last week of my pregnancy and while they are small and colorless, they are still very there. My Linea Negra has yet to fade all the way and my belly button is still working on going back to the way it had been pre pregnancy.

Frustration is a word too small to describe how I feel about this.

LBB= Little Black Bikini. In Case Ya Didn't Know.

There is nothing I can do about any of this but wait and wait for my body to totally heal...if it even ever does completely.

So one pieces it is.

I knew that my body would never be exactly the same after giving birth, it has been effected in ways I hadn't really thought of. I'm curious to hear how your bodies have changed after having children?


  1. Oh, the days of the teeny weeny bikini....yes, I feel your pain.... Hayes and I just started swimming class this week and I am sporting a lovely and very matronly one piece. I feel mostly comfortable in my skin--although, I do occasionally long to be the way I was pre pregnancy... I have accepted the fact that I won't ever be exactly the way I was--but--maybe I can see this body as being a better body--one that has created and nurtured life.... I didn't get any stretch marks on my belly---but as for my rear and thighs--well, that might be a different story...I can't complain too much--I would be lying if I said I exercised.... so, how I have changed: size 4 to a size 7--that isn't so terrible... and a flabby belly--that could be ship-shaped into something that isn't so flabby if I did crunches...hehe--well, you asked-so, I carried on--probably a little too much----you know, one piece suits can be quite sexy--my favorites are the designs that have a plunging v-neck... very body elongating!! Best wishes out there pool side!

  2. I totally know how you feel. I too was once a teeny bikini girl. It took me a year and a half to feel like my body was back to "normal" but never really felt like I did before. The shape of everything from my hips to boobs to waist, physically changed. I eventually became comfortable enough to rock the 2 piece again but hang in there, it takes time and even though it's never really quite the same again, it's for a good cause ;)

    this is the once piece I rocked!! it was awesome!! (except the one I had was black with red polka dots)

  3. I feel your pain...that's why I recently posted this article I found in Parents mag on my blog...too funny, but so true. Butt & belly post-baby are unrecognizable at this point. :-(

  4. my family gains their pregnancy weight in their ass. oh, those nifty italian genes. so, there it has stayed, while i run miles and miles and eat next to nothing, and do all sorts of crazy sideways-this-has-to-work-it's-too-bizarre-not-to exercises. we are going to mexico in less than 2 weeks, and i tried on that LBB last night. i got some shiz in the back love handle area, but whatevs, it's what Quinn gave me, and all he left me with. so i'll rock that LBB, and you should too.

  5. Oh yes, I wrote a post about this a while back. I used to rock the teeniest Brazilian cut bikinis without any bit of shy. Now, well, not so much. This year I will lounge in style in a one piece similar to the one mentioned above!

  6. Timely. I'm currently looking for the perfect one piece, which Sarah actually posted the link to. I gained about 55lbs with Jack (although he was a huge baby coming in at 9lbs. 5oz.) and it was mostly in my belly. Once a taut barely-adult, and bam! I'd like to say I've accepted my body, but the constant fretting over whether or not my shirt is gonna lift up in public seems to tell me otherwise. I'm hoping I can just get over it in the next two weeks long enough to fully enjoy my vacation and Jack's first trip. We'll see....

  7. Yep, I hear ya. I am a naturally skinny person, but my stomach definitely is a bit mushier than pre-baby! Patience, patience, patience.

  8. Yeah, I've got the mushy tummy too and I've been avoiding the whole buying a bathing suit thing but I really need to get a new one but it just isn't fun buying a mom suit.

  9. Not anywhere near back to "normal." It seems baby #2 was a lot rougher on my body. I'm still up 20 pounds. I gained 60 with my first baby and managed to get it all off, and I actually had a pretty good body/belly about 13-14 months later. I'm giving myself more time with #2, because right now I can't even think about exerting the energy to work out. I need to sleep more than 4 hours at night to consider that ...

  10. i'm working up to the idea of getting pregnant in the next few years and this has been my #3 concern (after "will i be a good mother?" and the birthing process) because i'm still vain and ignorant. as frightful as it sounds, it's nice to hear that it becomes one of the lesser things in life to worry about. adriana - you should get a monokini, still sexy with the cutouts and will cover what you don't want to show

  11. Hold it right there!! Are you at the Rockhouse in Jamaica in these pics??? Because it sure does look like it! And if not, just ignore my crazy ramblings.

    Anyways. Glad you found my blog. My baby is 11 weeks old and I still haven't lost all of the baby weight. I have about 7 pounds to go. But I'm hoping that my giant boobs can count for 2 pounds and it's actually only 5 pounds to go. Is that fair?

    I just bought the Jillian Michaels DVD to get rid of this mummy tummy. Because yes, my body also changed after my pregnancy. I'll let you know if Ms. Michaels works it off for me!

    Ok, well I'm off to go on a walk with the baby in the moby wrap. Gotta burn some calories...

  12. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Love to meet new people. Looking forward to reading more about you.

  13. don't worry!! It will all come back to how it was ;) I have two little ones {boy ,3 and little girl, 14 months ;) }

  14. I switched out to a one piece too. It just wasn't worth the self conscious nightmares I was having. Like you, I was quite fit before children. And now, despite the fact that I'm lighter than I was pre-pregnancy, that skin will just never be the same.

    The sacrifices we make in the name of motherhood!

  15. I understand your post-pregnancy fashion dilemma but it's totally worth it. Besides, I am a big believer that you CAN have your body back. I work out hard and get good results (check out Tosca Reno . . . or the Eat Clean lifestyle). Love it, and am obsessed!

    Nursing however . . . my boobs will never be the same :-)

  16. Oh ladies...while I feel about guilty saying this, I am sooo glad I'm not alone.

    Lucy- Its not Rockhouse its Tensing Pen which is riiight down teh street. I ate at rock house and it was our first choice but it was booked. we ended up being so happy cause tensing pen is ammmmazing. So funny that you could tell just from the pics!

    Liana- I am totally scaring you off from having a babe,huh? lol Motherhood sounds so scary from the outside but i promise its worth it.

    Sarah and Amanda-
    that site ahs so many cute options! i like these two

    the bottom is a bikini but because of its high waist it would totally work! yay!!

  17. Is that The Caves!??!!! Me and BD have been!!! Amazing!

  18. Oh yeah. I miss my pre-pregnancy body. I now have a tummy I don't know if I'll ever get rid of.