Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"The boundaries of language I quietly cursed"

Today I received some news that I just can not shake. A dear friend of mine has lost her baby. She was three months pregnant. I am just so devastated for her and her family. I know the excitement and the love and the anticipation she was feeling and to have it end so suddenly is

I have no words.

I have always been someone who could put to paper her emotions and thoughts, fears and dreams, and now?
There is nothing.
No words.

Who am I to even attempt to put down the sorrow and pain they are going through? Not the most skilled writer could form sentences deep enough to capture a parents heart after the loss of a child.

Not Twain or Miller or Dickens.

Certainly not me.

So take this as my moment of silence. For their beautiful family. For the little one who they had to say goodbye to before there was even a hello.

All my love to you tonight.


  1. My thought and prayers are w/ the family..very sad to hear

  2. Such sad news... sometimes there just aren't words. Much love.

  3. My thoughts go out to your friend and her family as well.