Friday, April 2, 2010

Springs Eternal.

Easter weekend always feels like a turning point in New England. Spring is upon us and while snow still lingers, covered in deep brown mud, melting on the sides of roads and in piles in parking lots, the sun is peeking through those rain clouds and that chill in the air has less and less of a presence by the day.
What a hopeful time of year.
Good bye we say to the bleak and hello to the bright.
Lightness and rebirth.
Sunlight and life anew.
Pastels and chrysalises.
Windows down and grass tickling ankles.
Change is in the air.

I see the world through new eyes now that I am a mother. I have been reborn. Started anew.
I see for the first time the world through the perspective of my baby.
Tulips. Bunnies. Fresh Baked apples. The smell of fresh mint.
Never before have I seen them like I do now.

The beauty. The softness. The sweet. The fresh.
It is all as new to me as it is to to him.

I use the word joy a lot lately. What else can I say? To explain what it is like to see a human lay eyes upon life's simplistic treasures for the first time and really appreciate them.


A walk in a neighborhood that is so familiar to me I could navigate it blindfolded is a new and strange place.

We are great explorers. Call me Magellan. Columbus. We are Lewis and Clark.

There are shadows to follow and leaves to crunch. Rays of sun are meant to be played with. We grab at them. Little dust particles disperse and float away. I point and name it all.
He sucks in the wind. Slurping and drooling. Sucking and licking at the rush of air.
And this is it. Joy. The visible definition. Because some words are too big for a simple verbal description. They need examples. and colors. and objects to encompass them.

and trips to the park. and the playground. They are firsts. I mark them in a baby book. Date and time. Mapping my son's childhood for him. So he can always have his direction. His own little compass pointing him back to his beginning. Where he took pleasure in the small. In the new.



  1. Gorgeous.


  2. horray for spring!

  3. great writing!
    new to here...but im following now.