Saturday, April 24, 2010


"He already looks up to you." -M

'Yeah, I know he does." -C

"He will always look up to you, it's a very special relationship being an older brother." -M

'"I know! He will wanna copy me" -C

"That's right. You will be his role model." -M

"I dont wanna be a model when I grow up!" -C

"No silly, do you know what a role model is?" -M

"Yes, I do! It's when he does whatever I do. It's like Simon Says but real life!" -C


  1. Kids seriously do say the funniest stuff... Sebastian said the following in the past 2 days... "Mommy, I remember being in your belly and seeing your heart pump, and your blood and your bones." then this morn said "can I please have cheerios in my yogurt? because that's really healthy for growing bodies." HA HA

  2. bahahahaaa!!!! he is so right! that's how i feel with my four younger brothers and sisters.... sometimes simon(me) messed up and the younger ones did the messing up part too even when i said "OOPS DON'T DO THAT!!!". being the oldest is such a biiiiig job. sounds like he's got it figured out though!
    tooo cute!!

  3. Um. That last line? No truer words have been spoken.

    You've got such a wise one there.