Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Little Spring In My Step.

New England has decided to give up on spring. I swear we have had about three days of spring weather and all of a sudden BAM its summer here. Temperatures hit 90 this week and baby has been slicked in sunblock, teeny tiny sunglasses have been bought, and rompers were taken out of storage and carefully folded in drawers.

We have been making many trips to a secret little spot with a big red slide...




an ocean view...




and lots of clover patches for babies to roll around in.







We bring picnic lunches of prosciutto and plums, with blood orange sparkling juice to wash it down. We pack a big,green, stuffed frog, and cozy soft blankets to cushion an afternoon snooze, if one feels so inclined.


We swing on swings. We point out insects, clouds, a boat or two. We sit under story book trees where daddys whisper sweet nothings to their littles.


One Saturday we were cozied up in long sleeves and little monkey eared hats and baby suspenders and then by the following week it was all sundresses and flip flops. Sweaty foreheads and hot, thick humidity.



I had slicked on a pretty shade of violet on my toes for all those perfect, garden party, sandal wearing, to the farmers market we go kind of afternoons. I certainly did not anticipate dipping said toes, along with a little peanuts, for the very first time, I might add, into peachy beige sand on a summer day in MAY. MAY, PEOPLE! I was not prepared.



What happened New England? What happened to perfect spring time breezes? and Peonys and gladiolas? We havent even been to our favorite kite flying spot! Or made our yearly trip to fathers day beach. All our Spring traditions are being modified and styled for the heat.

Our Friday afternoon romps to the local ice cream place are met with faster than you can lick, melty cones and hot asphalt. So late evening, dusty dusk will have to do.
Whatever the time, you won't hear many complaints from our boy. He'll take ice cream any way he can get it. Then he'll run along sidewalks, search for spiders at the park we swing bby on the way home, and practice doing the robot in the street.

Man, sometimes life is such just so fun.




But I gotta know New England,

Why the rush into summer?

I need yard saleing and flea markets. Iced Tea and dewy mornings! Playtime at parks with out burning little buns on hot slides.

What I really need is the anticipation of summer. The little signs it's on its way. I don't like to dive right in...I wanna dip my toes.

So slow down New England. Give me the Spring time I so desperately want. and need.
Let's rejoice in the in between. Lets wear layers, and sleep with the windows open so we can smell the lilacs wafting through the air. Let us head outside before its so hot we must retire to the air conditioning.
Can't time just slow down a bit?
C'mon now...

Pretty Please?


  1. So beautiful!
    It's been cold in California, when it should be blazing hot!!! What gives?!?!
    Anyways, that slide looks glorious.

  2. This is so beautiful. All of it.

    Those melty cones look so delicious!

  3. what a beautiful spot! im so jealous.

  4. Thanks for the comment...great blog, and great pictures! What camera do you use?

  5. As a non-native New Englander, I feel like every year winter has flowered almost directly into summer with only a few days of spring in between! I wish there was more, because New England springs are gorgeous.

    P.S. - That slide is fab!

  6. Love the photos - your baby is just too cute! We've had the wackiest weather here in not-always-sunny-California. We should be near sweltering by now, but we're not (not that I'm complaining - I can definitely do without the 106 degree plus heat). I had to chuckle at the 90 degree heat you've been experiencing - for us here in CA, that means pulling the sweaters back But, then again, we definitely don't experience the cold that you guys do...yikes. Love your blog. Peace. :)

    SITS visiting & blog following.

  7. this post is wonderful! i love it! the slide. the clover fields. the suspenders. the ICE CREAM!
    ps. its pouring down rain here. hasnt stopped for days! id love some spring weather too!

  8. What lovely photos! Your little baby boy, is DARLING, I want to squeeze him. I love days like this at the park or beach, warm sun, good kids and relaxation. Beautiful post :)

  9. this is so lovely! it's so pretty where you live!

  10. seems like the weather is wacky everywhere! and Massachusetts me and ill give you directions to my secret spot.

  11. super in love with your blog! I am also super in love with your son outfit! HOW KEYYY UTEEE is that?!

    Thanks for stopping by girl!

  12. this place looks like magic! i so need one of those slides!!