Sunday, May 30, 2010

Whatya Think?



  1. Thank you for posting this! I think what people need to know is it isn't easy only it is so amazing once it gets going.

  2. I'd never heard of this. I'll watch for sure! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I did some research and I can't seem to find a theater or DVD release date. Do you know anything about it?

  4. Well, I see both sides. With my first I breastfeed exclusively for 7 months. I stopped only because I was put on medications for my second pregnancy that wasn't researched for breastfeeding. I now have 3 month old twins whom I breastfed part time but only lasted about a month (with supplementation). Try breastfeeding two- while a 13 month old runs around or even worse- is contained in a play pen while the babies nurse constantly. I started using formula while my husband was at work & breastfeeding while my 13 month old was asleep. So, the twins were not interested in the boob. Breastfeeding my twins is something I would have LOVED to do- but not at the expense of time with my older son who is still pretty much a baby himself. And for a lot of women- there isn't a choice. I have seen many women struggle for 6+ months trying to up supply or a child who won't latch properly. Women who make themselves sick with worry because they want to do what is right and it isn't working.
    The information contained is GREAT if you are showing it to women who just don't want to try breastfeeding.
    And yes, while breastmilk is preferable, and definitely BETTER in terms of nutrition, showing this to women who weren't lucky enough to make breastfeeding work just deepens wounds.
    It makes me sad to see women who won't TRY to breastfeed- but it is their choice & I don't judge them for it. But, for those that do try so hard & cannot make it work- it's unfair for them to have to see things like this when they are most likely already beating themselves up about it.
    I know I am.
    LOVE your blog! <3

  5. i don't care who this offends, women give up way too easily when it comes to breastfeeding. it seems to me to be almost impossible that so many people "couldn't breastfeed". what would these people do back in the day before formula?

  6. i really like what emmie wrote, i also sorta see what jess craig is saying. what did they do 'back in the day'? actually wait, i know the answer. they had nurse maids or whatever theyre called. woman who were there to nurse other peoples babies. rich women and probably those who couldnt nurse themselves. i think that woman who dont even TRY to nurse are pretty lame. those who dont try usually have very vain reasons for choosing that route and that is a shame.

  7. i agree that i find it kinda messed up when women dont even try...i mean not even try, really? but on the other end of it my heart aches for those who really really do try and just cant.

  8. I agree with Emmie. I get really annoyed on this topic, as it seems it's just a huge judge fest for moms to latch on to (pun unavoidable). But she put it in the most diplomatic way.

  9. I unfortunately was one of the women that "couldn't breastfeed". I DID try, though. I tried & tried. But Sebastian was born with low muscle tone and physically could not latch on, but they were able to get it into his mouth with a bottle nipple. I also tried pumping but he had such bad acid reflux (and everything else wrong in the book) that he had to have a very specific, special formula. I believe every woman should definitely TRY but it's not the worst thing in the world if you can't do it. My son is a smart, happy, healthy boy who wouldn't be any different if breastfed. BUT I do agree that being breastfed is the best option & plan on trying with my next :) I just feel bad for the Moms out there that really do try and can't do it and are then put down for it.

  10. I chose not to breastfeed. The reason I chose not to is because I work fulltime (50-60 hours per week). I only had 6 weeks off of work with my baby, and in my line of work, it would be nearly impossible to find the time to pump as much as I would have had too. I didn't want to have to ween him at 5 weeks. I understand that it is the best thing. Sometimes I wish I would have tried. Sometimes I'm confident I made the right decision. My son is perfectly healthy, and had he not been at birth, I would have breast fed. If I was lucky enough to be a stay at home mom, I would have breast fed.
    The worst part? Other people judging me and having to defend my decision. I hate the argument, I hate the high horse, I hate that I let other people make me feel like shit about my parenting decisions. I should be the only one who makes me feel guilty.
    I wish that the 'breastfeeding advocates' would educate, not preach (I know that some do, but the preachers are more vocal than the teachers).

    Also, that woman in the video, who basically said that not breastfeeding is what has caused American obesity, is an idiot.

  11. i agree about the women who thinks obesity is because kids were not breast fed actually my hubby and i laughed out loud when we hear ridiculous!
    and i wanna clarify that i get when women have to work insane hours an thats why they dont breastfeed.
    its when people choose not to for vanity reasons that i get bothered by it.
    i also agree that BF advocates get way to mouthy and preachy which just causes women who are formula feeding to get defensive and no mother should have to constantly be on the defensive.

  12. You know what is a good example of why Americans are obese?
    I went to the zoo this weekend. It was a spontaneous trip and I wasn't prepared to pack a lunch, so we ordered a 'kids meal' at the zoo. This was the first time my son was going to have fried food, so I was already sickened by the situation. They asked what I wanted to drink with it, and I asked for whole milk. They said, sorry, the only drinks included are the ones on the list here. The list? Five different sodas. FOR REAL? I had to pay extra for milk. Disgusting.

    Sorry kind of off topic but the story had to be told.

    Anyways, I think the discussion about the importance of breastfeeding AND healthy eating habits should happen between patient and doctor, and I definitely don't think it happens enough. I really liked my doctor but I think the most she ever said about breastfeeding was, are you going to do it?
    I really could go on and on about this but I'll spare you. I've read a lot about this topic online(mostly arguments on blogs and forums) and this is the first time I've responded to anything, so I have some things bottled up inside. :)

    I enjoy reading your blog. You have quite a talent for writing, and a beautiful family.

  13. I formula fed my daughter and she is as healthy as can be. I didnt breastfeed because I think the thought of my child drinking milk out of me is completely disgusting. I didnt formula feed for the reason that some may say, they dont want to gt up and feed all the time in the middle of the night or when they are busy or what ever stupid reason they have I just think its disgusting. I dont judge others who do, its your choice. I find that people who dont breast feed get judge so much and I find it wrong. There are many of reasons why people dont breast feed and where Im a mother of a 16 month old who is very active and has been since she was 2 1/2 months who choose to formula feed thinks the only thing that is in breast milk that isnt in formula is the bonding. When my daughter was on drinking formula and on the bottle I as well as her fatehr bonded with her EVERY TIME she ate. So I have to say this is a little much. Every one has a choice and shouldnt be judged on their choice.

    Amanda: I agree I think that zoo's and anywhere you can eat out should have juice and milk be the same price and you shouldnt have to pay extra if you want to give your child something heathier. I also find that disgusting. I usually bring a drink for my daughter for that reason.

  14. rolls eyes at the excuses not to bf from the comments. if you wanted to TRULY wanted to you would have made it happen. only 1-3 percent of women TRULY cannot breastfeed.

  15. Wow ... "disgusting" huh? I am sorry that we live in a society where people perceive breastfeeding as disgusting. That's tragic.