Monday, May 24, 2010

Oldies But Goodies

My comp is currently on the fritz so it will be a few days before i'm back to my regularly scheduled blogging program. Bear with me people. I found these pictures on my hubby's laptop from years ago when C and my lil brother Mark decided to style a photo shoot of all of us. They picked out the props and took most of the pics. How cute are they?

I have lots of fun pics to come. We had two birthday parties this weekend and Hendrix's first trip to the Zoo.

Picture 195

Picture 200

Picture 222

Picture 179

Picture 232

Since I was MIA on Friday here are last week's Friday Findings.

My Hubby's Mix for Style Boston is up.Download it HERE!
Seriously fun music. Enjoy!

I love this Blog. Great pics and a sweet story.

Awesome pics of ourfun weekend playdate with Craig,Lauren, and baby Sierra.

Short and sweet. Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. those are awesome photos.

    I love love love your header. too cute.

  2. The giant bug picture... slkjclaksjr <--- made me twitch, haha. Its a really rad shot though. I dared to look at it twice.