Thursday, June 17, 2010

Almond Shaped Eyes: A Lesson in Love


Before I was a mother I was many things.

A collector of vintage garments. A connoisseur of expensive footwear. An organizer of junk drawers. A library book smeller and a yard saler. A coupon cutter and a daily bubble bath taker. A fashionista and a cosmo drinker. A friend and a foe. A daughter, an aunt, a wife.


In our lives we expand until we could practically explode from the many shapes and forms we take. Changing and growing and always rolling along, adding to our list of undertakings and belongings and hobbies and personalities. Some we are more proud of than others. Some lead us to next. Some teach us and prepare us for our future, for taking on yet another hat to wear or burden to bear. They shape our subconscious that later guides us to make life decisions.

While they may have led me to the right path, none of these things could truly prepare me for the insane journey that is parenthood.


So what did prepare me?

I am a sister.

To three lovely brothers.

One who has Down syndrome.

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  1. My grandmother has devoted her life to working with children with "disablement". Are they every truly disabled? Challenged? I wondered that a lot being around them, because they always brought such light. Every child I've encountered in her years of therapy, both physical and emotional, with them I've loved.

    I remember specifically a baby with Downs Syndrome that was placed in her care temporarily from CPS. I was staying with her for a few weeks so I got to help her out and I grew so attached to this baby. I woke up at night with her and fed her, held her, sang and talked to her and when she found her home it was so bittersweet, Having to say goodbye to a child I'd grown to love and yet knowing that she finally found the right home.

    This was so beautiful and I'm so glad to know there are more people out there on their side, who've seen what amazing people they can be and are.

    You are both so lucky to have each other.

  2. WHAT a beautiful post! It brought tears to my eyes, and a fullness to my heart! I worked in a group home for quite some time, and loved those guys and girls so much my heart couldn't even contain it. One of my favorites also had down syndrome. I loved the way he hugged me. I loved the way he called me "my girl". I loved when he rocked out like elvis on his guitar! I loved standing and applauding like crazy!

    Thank you for showing all the beauty that your brother and others like him have!

    You're incredible!

  3. beautiful story, words, photos, everything ...

  4. Thank you so much for your article. I am 20 weeks pregnant with a daughter who has Ds. We have three older children (11, 9, and 3) and I've been wondering how they will be affected by their new sister's disability. Thank you for proving that I have nothing to fear, only blessings on the way. :)

  5. that was beautiful. i'm new to your blog. i found you through I ROCK SO WHAT and i'm so glad!
    i really enjoy coming here.
    thank you.

  6. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. Your words were pretty amazing too!

  7. Yes, that was so beautiful and so from the heart..I am so glad to read your post.I write from my feelings and later wonder should I get so personal on here but it is so healing to me..What a wonderful blessing you are and what a wonderful sister you are!

  8. Oh I wish I could read this, I keep clicking on the link and it will not work! I love, love, love the pictures of your brother and Hendrix, I can imagine the story is amazing just from the pictures and comments that I read above.