Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mama Must Have #5

june62010 040

Hendrix has graduated from his 4Moms tub and has moved on to bigger and better things AKA the Munchkin Inflatable Safety Duck Tub.

Call me crazy but I'm not so sure what's safe about a giant inflatable duck that annoyingly adorably quacks when you press on it's beak but I will say that H is totally infatuated with his bright yellow buddy.He spends a good portion of his day in it/under it/on top of it, with or without water.

A review, you say? You want a review? and some insanely cutetastic pics of le bebe beating on being all cute like with his ducky dude?

Hmmm, well...

As far a review goes there isn't much to say. Its a big duck that you blow up, stick in the tub, and your kid sits in it. It has a little temperature circle on the bottom to tell you if the water is too hot but I pay no attention to it. It said it was too hot when I was giving the kid a cool bath so I'm not sure how accurate it is. It cost me a whopping 11 dollars so the price was super on point. So as far as a tub goes it gets the job done but as a play thing?? It has provided HOURS of entertainment. H has managed to practically leap out of it and bust his noggin so if you let your little chill in it keep a hand on 'em at all times.

Now on to those cute pics....

june62010 150

june62010 048

june62010 177

june62010 179

june62010 166


  1. That thing looks awesome! What kid wouldn't want to bathe in a giant inflatable duck that quacks? Man, H is one lucky little guy :)

    I love the picture of his legs peeking out from under the duck. Hilarious!

  2. !!! That one of him underneath it, with his little legs hanging out!! haha ... priceless!

  3. cute pics! i just use a tiny inflatable pool and i put that in the bathtub. takes up wayyy less room and was about $5! i think the large size is what prevented me from buying this. where the hell do you store it after each bath? you cant really deflate it while its all wet and stuff...maybe i just have a tiny bathroom.

  4. He is freaking darling. thats all! lol

  5. the picture with the tub on top of his sooo precious.
    but that seems to be the general consensus!

  6. HOW stinkin Keyyy uteeee is he?! Holy moley! :)

  7. Ha! Love the photos. That looks like fun!

  8. ooohhhh, I want - I want - I WANT! It is definitely going on our shopping list. Hendrix has us sold!

  9. i saw this at target and considered getting it, but i wasn't sure if i would need to inflate it everytime he took a bath or not. i live in a super tiny apartment and i don't think i'd want a huge inflated duck lying around.

    BUT! hendrix looks adorable. he's seriously stunning.

  10. Oh my gosh! Pea has the same pink spot between the brows as H!

  11. The duck lives all over the house. Bathroom, bedroom, porch, living room, it is the white elephant (duck?) in every room but it is so worth it! There is a suction cup that is made to hold it on the wall of the shower but is lacks suction and excells in suck. After a few failed attempts at hangin it on the shower wall and running inti the bathroom to see what catastrophy took place, only to see the guilty yellow face mocking us, we opted to live and let live...wherever it wants. I mean, it is a gigantic yellow duck and all, that in itself commands a certain level of respect.

    Michael (I think I am referred to as the SO or BD or DH in the blogosphere?!?)

  12. I had one for my daughter and she absolutely loved it also. I think they were a great invention either for the tub or just as a toy. I wish my daughter still fit in it.

    Hendrix is so adorable and getting so big.

  13. We have the pink one, and love it.

  14. I want an adult one for the pool!

    I love that second from the bottom pic. God, he is so adorable!

  15. Jagger loved his too!! I wish he could still fit in it!