Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby's Blues


When I found out I was having a boy I made a vow to try to refrain from buying a ton of blue things. I sought out brown bedding, The walls of his nursery were painted an granny smith apple green, I purchased yellow blankies and orange booties.

Little did I know that, my boy, well, he carries around the strongest shade of blue with him at all times.
And now? I buy blue in bulk cause I swear the color was made for him...

Never have I ever really understood the meaning of the words Baby Blues...


Those eyes of his. They are light and sparkle and someday they will melt hearts.

For now, They melt mine.

Just like another set I ve been getting lost in for years..'Cause in case ya didn't know, he got those from his Daddy.


  1. i sing this to hendrix all the time:

  2. You sound like me! Aidyn man got BD's eyes.. and I'm thrilled. Some days I just stare at him, and think "Wow, how are you this beautiful" :)

    Your son is GORGEOUS!

  3. Your son is gorgeous! I love his eyes!

  4. great photos...those baby blues will melt hearts someday. You look gorgeous!