Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hot Dog! Hendrix found his Wiener!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Bathing necked in the backyard...good times

My sweet lil bean discovered his weinerschnitzel while playing in the giant yellow duck during bath time. Now, he is kind of obsessed. He was leaning back, all chill like just checkin things out and all of sudden his eyes got big and a smile smeared across his chubby little mug like he had just discovered a remote control (his fav toy) in between his legs. Only this one is better. This one is attached and mommy cant hide it take it away nicely.


There was only one problem with this situation. Everytime Hendrix tried  to lean forward to get a good grip on his P.Diddle it disappeared behind his fat chubba belly. Then I get the stank eye while he is all
"Yo, Ma! Where the heck did that thing go??"

Dude, it ain't muh fault!

He would get all confused. Hurt. Angry. But whatev,s nothin stops my lil dude from a good time so the weewee was forgoten and on to drinking bath water splashing he went. But then he would lean back and POW! There's the peen again. The eyebrow goes up, huge smile across his face.
"Well hello there friend..where you been"
...and in for the kill he would go and behind the belly it retreats and he is all bummin and what not.

This went on for a while. Patience is not exactly H's strong point so eventually he gives up and goes back to playing but now bath time has turned into a game of hide and seek with his winkle. It's not just naked time anymore either, if the diaper is off he's lookin for his buddy the Penis. (ha, I said penis!) If the diaper is on he is tryin to rip it off to weasel his way to his...weasel.


Mamas and can I get him to get over his manly parts?  He is grabbing at it constantly and frankly,the whole "try to rip off my diaper to find my johnson while in the grocery  store" game is getting old.

What a girl to do??


  1. there's nothing you can do!!! our hendrix found his at 4 months, and the obsession has only grown!!!!! there's no stopping it!!!!! haha!!

  2. is he circumcised?

  3. Yeah, no stopping it at all. :) My son doesn't like diaper changes, so when the diaper is off and he remembers (which is most of the time) to grab himself, the screaming stops and a huge grin replaces it... that is until I try to put the new diaper on.
    Best of luck!

  4. haha! How cute! I am a mother to a little lady but I can still relate. Story has found her vagina and is amazed. I'm just glad she's happy with it instead of upset. Now THAT would be tragic. lol

  5. Aidyn-Baydin has never had this obsession .He'll touch it, but I not obsessively. We never made it a big deal, and I think that helps!

  6. Haha I have no advice to offer since Mini DH has not found his little man yet, but he hsa figured out it's quite fun to unfasten his diaper. And let me tell you, that is a pain.

  7. I'm not a mom, but I AM the oldest of six kids, so I've been around babies for basically all my life. :)
    My mom would always put the diaper on backwards, so the babes couldn't get it off.
    They can't figure it out, therefore the diaper doesn't come off. :)

  8. Heeeeeeeeeeee. My little boy went through that a month or so ago. And I would say "penis?", and he'd repeat ... "peeees". Every day come bath time, for about two weeks. And every time we'd change his diaper. So funny.

  9. Dude- it's all downhill from here. Hudson & his ween are like best buds. He is CONSTANTLY yanking on that thing.

  10. Haha... this is such an awesome post. I'm sitting in my office reading it and had to bring my business partner of to read it.

    A little advice... He's a little young to be finding out about this thing... and this whole "try to rip off my diaper to find my johnson while in the grocery store" is not going to end until he's 90. lol... love it.

  11. Rhys's interest in his ween seems to ebb and flow. Sometimes it's all he wants to play with and other times he couldn't be more disinterested. I find his fascination with it pretty natural and amusing and I just let him check himself out until I have to change him again (which is quite the challenge these days).

    Eventually there will come a time when he'll need to learn that tugging on his nuts and berries is something you don't do in public places but I don't think we're there yet.