Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy 9 Month Mini Bday Hendrix


Dear Hendrix,
Where as the time gone?
A minute turned into a month, turned into 9 and BAM! You are a roaring, bubbling, full of life, little man and I am a mama.
Your mama.
Totally comfortable in my role and our routine and our dynamics are becoming second nature.


I'm so proud of you.
The night of your birth,
when I had almost lost you,
if you had told me that such a small, little being could come from where you were to where we are well...
well, my boy, my sweet sweet sweetest of the sweet baby bird,
you are a real life miracle.


It is still shocking to see you speed crawl across a room. Or pull yourself up to creep along the couch.


You are a bit of a hellion! Full of spunk and stubbornness, even now.


But it's okay.
I like my boy feisty as he is.
While it may haunt me during the terrible twos and into your teenage years, a strong sense of self will do you good.


I'm pretty sure you know now that I am your "Mama". You say the sound over and over. Sometimes when you are tired and clingy you will rub your lil face in my lap and coo "mamamamamama".

Just the word itself coming from your lips fills me with a pride I can't really describe. In my life I have been lucky enough to do a lot I am proud of but being your Mama?
It takes the cake.


You love to dance. Your Daddy and I try to fill our home with all kinds of songs, from every genre and period of time. You bounce and bob your head along.
You especially like when we slow dance. With Billie or Ella. Maybe some Creedance  or Mr.Buckley, respectfully.
Whatever the tune, you love to dig your head in the crook of my neck and tangle your fingers in my hair and just sway.


You are all about getting results these days. You want to build blocks to knock them down. Push buttons to turn on. Open boxes to reveal surprises. You "Bounce" on command. You blow kisses to the kitties. You've got it all figured out.


I hope that you know how lucky we are. How much love we have in our lives.Your Daddy and brother and grandparents and aunts and uncles...so many hold you in their hearts. I hope you grow understanding that a happy family isn't a guarantee and many are alone and hurting.
But us, we have hit the jackpot.
and I don't know what the future holds. I can't predict how it'll all end up but one thing I know for sure,
and I'll write it in the sky,
that my love for you will never fade.

Happy 9 months my perfect little prize,

Your Mama.

**This comes a couple days late due to THIS sucky situation.But I'm back on track...**


  1. Happy Birthday little (almost big) Hendrix!!! :))

    happy 9 month anniversary of being a mommy! :))

  2. Happy 9 months to both of you!

  3. HAppy 9 months to Hendrix & to you! Today is Hudson's 18 Month birthday, so I especially love that they are both born on the 20th. Also? Jeff Buckley is one of our very favorites. In fact, Buckley was almost Hudson's name! And now? We are going to dance to Last Goodbye & I am happy. Thank you!