Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Get To Know Me...Q&A Part 1


Okay, enough about the dang baby for a minute. How about we talk about ME a lil bit. Hmmm, well for starters...if ya don't know my name is Adriana. I'm 26 (I had to actually think for a sec to remember how old I was...sad) and I live outside of Boston, MA. I love thrifting, collecting vintage clothing, sushi, jalapenos, and candy apples. I despise green beans, nose pickers, and loud chewers. I consider myself a lady and take pride in my manners, I forget birthdays all the time, and I'm a super slow cautious (hello! Precious cargo!) driver. I was in beauty pageants as a child and can tap dance like a mo fo. I'm a horrible cook and a total girlie girl.
Anything else ya wanna know? Email me...

I asked you guys to send me questions you wanted answered and I was surprised by how many were in my inbox. So here is part 1...

1. Is it hard being a step mother?

Yes and No. The easiest part is definitely my step son himself. He is a lil peanut who I could eat up over and over again. My love for him gets deeper everyday.
However, being a step parent is hard in the respect that its not your kid even though you love 'em like they were. Boundaries and lines need to be respected and you always take the backseat no matter what. The worst thing in the world is a step parent that over steps boundaries and butts in when it isn't their business. My step son has a very active mother and father and doesn't need a second set.
So basically you have totally invest yourself yet keep yourself at a distance. It's a very difficult balance.

2. what is an average day like for you?

Average days are pretty boring. Hendrix and I wake up and say bye to my hubby and then H smears food all over his face eats breakfast while I sip my coffee and listen to music and what not. Then we usually go for a walk around the neighborhood, playtime,nap time for H/writing time for me, lunchtime, playtime some more. On some days I work for a few hours in the afternoon and by work I mean I nanny and bring Hendrix with me. I love the family to death and have been with them so long it doesn't really feel like work. Then by the time we get home My hubby is usually grilling something yummy. After dinner we go for another walk and then play till bedtime.
Sometimes we hit up the library or the playground but H hates his car seat/stroller/shopping carts so we don't go very far.
Super boring. I need to inject more excitement into my day to day activities.

3. if you knew what you know now about having a baby, would you have done anything different with hendrix in the beginning?

I would have taught him to be a better sleeper. We cosleep and he breastfeeds ALL night. I'm slowly losing my mind. We are going to start sleep training him soon.

4. favorite shampoo?

Okay, I'm going to do a more in-depth beauty post soon because for years I have been spending ridiculous amounts on shampoos and I have come to the conclusion that this needs to stop. I love Molton Brown's Lili Pili Hairwash but I gotta be honest I'm not sure it works that great. It just smells so dang good.However, since H has been born I have been using his baby shampoo which is currently Burts Bees. 
My real secret is the conditioner...which I will post about soon.....

5. a t.v. show that you're embarrassed to like?

Teen Mom. I'm addicted. It's bad.

6. Your wedding was amazing!? Where did you get your dress/location/honeymoon/inspiration?

Why, Thank ya my dear!I'm going to save this question for a post of it's own...coming soon...

7. How did you meet your husband?

We met at a cheesy nightclub called Club Hell. Yes, Club Hell. I wish I had a more romantic story. He asked me to dance. I said No. I was in a bad mood and the night sucked and I just wanted outta there. Plus, he was a little too cute and smooth and he always had some girl following him around. Sounded like trouble to me. Anyways  it gets better...after meeting at the cheesy nightclub he Myspaced me.
Then we texted a lot and finally started hanging out.
Bar.Myspace.Texting. The three ways you will probably never start a real relationship. I think w got lucky.

This is fun... Part 2 coming soon.


  1. number 7 is really funny and cute to me.
    : )

  2. ah, it's just the sign of the times (the whole myspace thing).

    i used to be a shampoo slut, but i've discovered that as long as you take care of your hair in general, it doesn't matter what shampoo you use. i've started using drug store shampoos and i really see no difference in my hair.

    and i said the EXACT SAME THING as you about what i'd do differently. my next baby will sleep in his/her own bed from the beginning. of course, he/she may sleep in the same room for a while, but it's CRUCIAL to me to start good sleep habits.

  3. Amaya's the same way with the stroller and store carriages. She HATES being in them for long. Now we have one of those buggy's for her and Im now lucky to go for a decent walk with her. Thats too funny that she's not the only one and that someone we know their child is the same.

    Anthony and I kinda started with Myspace also. I met him at Shaws when he worked there then I moved and lost contact with him then one day I made a myspace and been together ever since.
    (if I told you the whole story it would be so long so I shortened it lol).

  4. Adriana -- loved this post! So great to learn more about you. You are a naturally gifted writer with a good sense of humor -- I really enjoy reading what you have to say.

    p.s. I watch teen Mom too! So much has been written about it, but I really admire (some) of the Moms and their maturity. I hope it's a wake-up call for really young viewers.