Saturday, October 16, 2010

Apple Pickers.

Oh Hello readers. Sorry I have been MIA but life lately has been insanely over the top crazy busy and complicated. Yes, Complicated. I'm not complaining but it is what it is. There for I have been distracted and by distracted I mean totally ignoring all the overwhelming feelings and bottling them up inside.

So for a minute let's ignore the fact that everything has flipped upside down, leaving me shaken and dizzy. We will forget the fact that there may have been suspicions of leukemia in my younger brother (test came back negative...huge sigh of relief), that my mother has breast cancer and chosen to forgo chemo or that Henry's doctor seems to be very concerned at the alarming rate to which is head is growing. Or that at his 1 year appointment we will be scheduling a long list of tests for his hearing/eyesight/possibly swelling brain and we will just focus on the positive. The easy. The simple pleasures of life.

Okay, let's talk fall.

No, I mean Autumn.


Sounds so fancy that way, yes? Autumn is here in new England which means we are in full swing of our seasonal traditions including our yearly trip to Berlin Orchards for some apple picking. We go every year. For five years now. We eat cider doughnuts, feed the ducks, and walk to the very same spot to pick our favorite Honey Crisps.

Pretty much my favorite picture of him ever

I always take about 9 million pictures and it is fun to line them up and see how we have evolved as a family over the years. Oh how it has grown and changed!



Through so much and so may trials and tribulations we have stuck it out and when I said "in good times and in bad" I meant it.




I always feel sorry for people who have convinced themselves they don't need their family. While family may come with drama and burdens to take on and baggage you can not check it comes with so many pros on the list of life. While we are up, it is important to support those who are down so we may have the same awaiting us in our dark times. I'm proud to say I'm a good shoulder to lean on and I am even more proud to say I have some sturdy ones surrounding me.

I don't know what it is about this time of year but it always feels like a new beginning. Forget New Years, now is when I feel ready to keep resolutions, make lists and check off to dos, and push forward.

and each year we apple pick and it is always a bit of a time marker for me. Much like an anniversary it is another little celebration of a year well done, a year stuck together.

While normally I try to be really aware and present in dealing with my problems, in the here and now, I'm going to push them to the back of my mind. Ignorance may not be bliss but the colors of fall, the warmth of a hand held, late night snuggles in bed with homemade ginger snaps, and a pudgy baby in glow in the dark PJs are absolute, pure and strong bliss. So I'll be raising my glass (of warm apple cider) to looking forward, a strong sense of self, and a loving family.


Click below more amazing pictures. My lovely husband put his Iphone pictures on my computer and I swear they are waaay better than mine pictured above. I love seeing the day from his perspective.
You get a really great view of Hendrix and his serious love for his apple. (eye spy major apple chunks stuck all over his face/shirt/entire body)














  1. hendrix is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo effin' cuteEEEEEEEEEEEETERTERTERYWRY?!$@@# seriously. i love that he has long hair. looks like dad.

  2. Sending positive energy your way. Keep us updated. I have fallen in love with your little man.

  3. You guys are SO adorable. I am sorry you are going through some shit right now. I hope an afternoon of apple picking lifted your spirits! Let me know if you need anything- even if just to chat!

  4. First time visitor here from Top Baby Blogs. I love all the pictures and you're right, it's awesome to see how things change from year to year when you take pictures of great traditions like that!!

    Sending lots and lots of good thoughts that everything turns out okay for your little man and mother!

  5. I love all your photos :) So precious.
    Sorry for all the stress in your life, hopefully you get some relief soon!
    xo, Jamie

  6. Gorgeous post. I love little traditions like this! My thoughts are with you guys in all of the stress. I hope the 1 year check up shows that all is well. <3

  7. Lovely pictures! I am grateful for my (small but perfect) family.

  8. i hope everything works out for you guys! how stressful. sending lots of love and good vibes your way xoxo