Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm Back!

Sorry about the lack of posting going on over the past week. The last few days were...uh...interesting.

My husband, Hendrix and I all came down with the worst stomach flu I have ever experienced.


Talk about horrifying.

Friday was wonderful. We went to story time at the library, ate sushi, and relaxed and decided that Saturday was going to be a "Super Fun Day" as we call them and we made plans for thrifting, junk food from Dairy Queen (a rarity for us since we ted to eat on the super healthy side), some scrabble and The Social Network. Well, we got to the thrifting part. and the DQ. which we were UNlucky enough to get to revisit just a few short hours later. SIDE NOTE: Michael and I will not be eating red meat anymore. At least not for a looooong time.I started to get sick around 11, Michael around 1, and the lil guy around 3. It lasted well into the next day and even on Monday we were all still feeling so crappy.

I had a quick bout of food poisoning when Henry was younger but it was nothing like this, Michael just brought him to me when he was hungry and I nursed him and went back to bed. Henry also had a lil bug a few months ago while Michael was away DJ'ing and it was NOTHING like this. He vomited a few times but they were spaced out and he just slept in between.

This time however, it was violent and angry and it HURT. It was really hard to watch Hendrix be so sick. I cried a couple times when he threw up because there was just nothing in his little tummy and he was dry heaving and crying so hard and his little, sad pout was too much.
Michael and I had to take turns watching Hendrix while the other one ran to the bathroom and at one point Michael was gone and H and I had to literally share a bucket and barf at the same time (TMI?). Stuff nightmares are made of!

Henry started to feel better before Michael and it was so hard to keep him happy while we recovered. We tried to set up some toys on the ground for him to play with but he was too weak after throwing up all night and not sleeping and he could barely walk without falling over. So thankfully my mom helped out and we eventually set up camp in our bed, put on "Milo and Otis" and gave him saltines to munch on.
Aside from the obvious Intensive Care/hospital stays, Saturday night was by far the most challenging night as a parent I have had.
It took everything in me to get through it. 
Challenging. It's one of the top words I would use to describe parenthood. Along with all the wonderful , warm and fuzzy adjectives. It is a constant challenge.

Parenting has a lot of ugly moments. I never expected them to all look like THIS or THIS but I will say I am proud for how Michael and I rallied and got through the day together. We put Hendrix first and got shit done. Take that stomache bug!


  1. Watching your kids get sick or get hurt is pure torture on us moms! I am so glad you guys are better! I have heard that flu bug has been making its rounds--rearing its ugly head when least expected!!!

  2. sounds exactly like the stomach bug we had a few weeks ago! ughhh, to say it was just bad would be an understatement. it killed me to see my little lady sooo sick. glad you are all on the mend!