Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Findings: 12/10/10 Edition

Here Comes Santa Claus - A Christmas Video Greeting from Jared Foster on Vimeo.

Holy Amazing! This video is crazy cute. I love this family. Maybe they could adopt me? Why not? I'm cute and cuddly. I only come with a toddler, step son, husband, crazy cat, and a crap ton of baggage. Who wouldnt wanna bring me home?

Okay, On to the Friday findings...

THIS tumblr is amazing. It's all cute finds on Etsy for baby boys. Yay!

Yea, uhhh, THIS is B.S.

Beautiful VIDEO of John Lennon baby wearing.

THIS is so romantic.

What a lovely LIFE.

I kinda can't help but LOVE this.


  1. You always post such great finds.

    Just signed that petition -- so ludicrous!

  2. i totally agree with flyrish, how do you find this stuff! that video is the cutest ever.