Saturday, December 11, 2010

Petz Nursery 2 Review

In my home, video games are pretty much an every day type of thing. We are not so big on TV, in fact we don't even have cable but my step-son is a total gamer so there for I have been schooled in the art of the game. I was pretty excited to get some girlie video games up in my house since the boys pretty much reign supreme. While I totally enjoy a good Mario game I jumped at the chance to review Ubisoft's Petz Nursery 2 (thanks to the Clever Girls Collective).The object is to feed, care for, play with, and train your pet of choice much like the first Petz Nursery. The new twist with the second version is you can unlock a virtual world to bring your pet into which takes you on many an adventure. The pets are so dang cute, y'all. I mean, like really cute. They have tigers and penguins and kitties and over 20 different kinds of lovable furry friends. I played with both my step son and a friends daughter and they both enjoyed themselves. My friends little bean must have said "awwww, sooooo cute" like 3 times.
 Taking care of the animals was easy for them to grasp (kiddos are 6 and 8) and the reward and anticipation of being able to unlock new levels was more than enough to keep them interested.


Overall, I liked that the game was  "feel good"  so to speak. With so much out there that is just fluff and junk this game is fun for sure, but it teaches kids the lesson of caring and nurturing a pet without them even realizing it. I loved that there was a hidden lesson to be learned. I highly recommend it for the animal lover in your life.

You can pick it up at Toys R Us, Amazon, or Target.

Disclosure: While Ubisoft sponsored this review, the opinions I’ve expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint. Ubisoft, Clever Girls Collective and I promote Blog With Integrity.

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  1. Gahhh... I love petz nursery. Violet has the 1st one & I'm getting her the new one for Christmas. (the animals are so cute especially when they burp)